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Lieutenant JG Cory Stoyer - Looking Back


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((USS Excalibur - Deck 1 - Briefing Room))

Nicholotti: If there are any other questions, I will field them now. Otherwise, let's get to work.

:: Cory got up quick got up and headed for the door. He wanted to get back to the helm and look over the information that was on his PADD. Since the ship was already on course and the ride is smooth, he could look it over at his leisure. ::

oO Hmmmm, the Afehirr sector, the Mercadian system. Not much there. Something that can destroy a planet? It would take every starship in the galaxy. I will definitely have to get sometime in the holodeck to get a feel for maneuvering the Excalibur. I do not want to get hit by anything that powerful. Oo

=/\=You are invited to come help Lt.JG Aurora James and Major Irina Pavlova celebrate their new Engagement at a private party in Irina’s quarter sat....2000 hours. If you don’t know what to bring, bring Vodka for drinking games! Major Irina Pavlova, Chief of Marines=/\=

oO What in the world is this? A party? Well, a party might mean there is someone I could meet there. I really didn’t get a chance to meet anyone on the Conny. I know Alex was getting chummy with that new science officer before we left. Oo

:: Cory sat back and continued to monitor the Conn station watching the warp field around the Excalibur. He sent a query to the Hanger Bay to see the status of the fighters and shuttles. He is learning that the Captain and XO like to know what is going on and ask a lot of questions. He wanted to stay on top of everything. Cory’s mind started drifting to where everything started. ::

(( Flashback, Stardate 238703.2, U.S.S. Shiloh NCC-95201))

:: The Main Hanger onboard the Shiloh was a burnt mess. Parts of shuttles and equipment were scattered everywhere. The acrid smell of burn plastic and even the faint smell of burnt fresh still hung in the air. Petty Officer Second Class Stoyer stood and looked around to see where his crew should begin to start the cleanup and repairs to the bay. ::

oO What a darn mess! The guys I have with me are lucky to be alive. Too many of our friends are in bags in the morgue. Now, we have to get this place put back in order. I have no idea where to start. Oo

:: Cory looked about picking a nearby corner and pointed. ::

oO As good a spot to start as any. Oo

Stoyer: Let start there. Let’s get the serviceable equipment in one pile so Engineering, when they ever show up can go over it. Let’s start with a wash down and then we will know exactly what needs to be repaired.

:: His crew started over to the indicated corner and started moving everything. One crewman got a hose and was ready to start washing the bulkheads and deck of the soot and other debris. Cory was watching and directing when he noticed someone walking over to him. ::

oO Darn, it’s the Captain. Oo

:: Cory stood at attention when the Captain and the XO walked up to him. ::

Captain Wynne: Petty Officer Stoyer, you and your team are to be commended. You help save the ship from further damage. I am hereby promoting to Petty Officer First Class. Since Lieutenant Davis is still in Medical and you do not have a Hanger Chief, I am making you the acting Hanger Chief.

oO What??? I must be hearing things. I was just promoted to Second Class. Oo

Stoyer: Thank you, skipper. :: Cory shook the offered hand. ::

Captain Wynne: I want you to come by my ready room at 1600. I have something I want to discuss with you.

Stoyer: Aye aye sir.

::With that the Captain and XO left. He noticed that some Engineering folks entered his Hanger. ::

oO Let’s get this over with. Oo

(( Captain’s Ready Room, U.S.S. Shiloh ))

:: Cory freshly showered and in a clean uniform pressed the buzzer to the Captain’s ready room. After hearing the Captain bellow “enter”, he went in. ::

oO What did I do wrong? It is never good for an enlisted man to go see the skipper. Oo

:: Cory stopped 12 inches from the Captain desk and stood at attention. ::

Stoyer: Petty Officer Stoyer reporting as ordered Captain.

Captain Wynne: Stand at ease.

:: Cory relaxed a bit and waited for the other shoe to drop. ::

Captain Wynne: I have here a completed application to the Academy for you. After your performance yesterday, and with Lieutenant Davis’ recommendation, I approved it and will send it to the Academy. I think you will make a good officer, Petty Officer Stoyer.

oO Again, I am not hearing him correctly. I barely graduated school. Well, they was mostly due to me not caring about the homework. Oo

Stoyer: Yes, sir.

Captain Wynne: Is that all you have to say?

Stoyer: Skipper, it is all sudden. Sir, I barely graduated. I don’t think I could make it through it.

Captain Wynne: Stoyer, you have brains and leadership skills. You do not quit either. Those are qualities that are needed in the Academy. They have tutors to help you with the more interesting subjects. Besides, Lieutenant Davis, the XO and I think you will make a pretty good officer.

Stoyer: Thank you, Cap’n

Captain Wynne: We will see orders for you in a couple of months. Thank you again for your efforts yesterday. You are dismissed.

Stoyer: Aye, sir.

:: With that Stoyer left the Captain’s ready room and the rest as they say is history::

((End flashback))

:: Cory came back to the present to see his relief looking at him. Sheepishly he started his turn over. After that he headed to his quarters to start unpacking. ::

(( Stoyer’s Quarters, Deck 4, U.S.S. Excalibur-A))

:: Cory was about to open his door when he saw a beautiful blond lady wearing command red coming out of her quarters a few doors down. He stared unabashedly for a few second until he realized that she was starting at him in return. Blushing he hurriedly entered his quarters. ::

oO Who was that? She is gorgeous. Real smooth Mr. Slick. You probably scared her off. Oo

Lieutenant JG Cory Stoyer
Helm Officer
U.S.S. Excalibur-A

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