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[2003: SEP-OCT] Interrogation's End

Robert Falcon

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OOC: This story is a little rough. I've based it off a plot I developed some time ago that I thought of translating into a sim plot. Who knows, maybe I'll try it one of these days. (Draigon, beware.) I'm hoping it turns out alright. I'm not in a bad mood or anything, just trying to figure out how my character would deal with this.

OOC2: And yeah, I've kinda borrowed Nathan Baker's character for this one. Hope you don't mind, Nathan. I wanted to explore this aspect of my character in this little story, and out of the various characters that came to mind yours jumped to the top of the list. So please, don't kill me.

::Jiana Kennedy forced herself upright, forbidding herself from slouching. She'd lost all sense of time, but had managed to keep fighting her captors. While a part of her still hoped for rescue, hoped that somehow the Titan would find her, the rest of her knew she would be quite possible facing her death. Possibly very soon.::

KENNEDY: oO If that is to be my fate, then so be it. Oo

::The Titan had been sent to answer a distress call from a colony at the furthest reaches of the Federation. Jiana had joined the away team heading to investigate and help the colonists recover. Turned out to be a ploy. Members of some race Jiana had never seen or heard about grabbed her from behind and knocked her out. Next thing she knew, she was strapped to a chair and heading far from the Federation. They didn't start the interrogation for a while, starting with activities meant to break her down. For Jiana, that time was time well spent. She started forming her mental defenses, vowing to not crack.::

::The door opened. Recap time was over, for now. Time for Ralnith, everyone's favorite interrogator, to go to work again.::

RALNITH: So, Jiana. Where shall we start today?

::Yeah, he knew her name. So far, the only moderately useful information they'd gotten out of her was her name, rank, and serial number. She allowed herself to make verbal shots now and then, but never what they wanted to know.::

KENNEDY: I dunno. Isn't that your department?

RALNITH: Still fighting after a week and a half, eh?

::Week and a half. Right. Last time it was two weeks. Time before, four days.::

KENNEDY: Let's just cut to the chase. Ask your question so I can blow you off.

::Ralnith's face, what she could see through the severe lighting and partially swollen eyelids, soured.::

RALNITH: My superiors have started to become impatient with your defiance, Jiana. They have permitted the use of higher levels of torture if you continue. Perhaps you would like a demonstration?

::Suddenly, her skin felt like it was on fire and being frozen at the same time. Despite her best efforts, she screamed. Moments later, blackness took her......::

BAKER: Jiana....?

KENNEDY: oO Nathan? Oo

::Her eyes opened. She was still in the chair in the interrogation room.::

RALNITH: Ah, good to see you're still alive. Now then, unless you would like another demonstration, tell me about Starfleet. Ships, weapons, defenses, everything.

::She was still disorientated, but that ended up helping. She'd just heard Nathan. Where was he? Was he here to save her? She looked around, trying to see where he was. Ralnith came close, grabbing her face and looking into her eyes. She should have been looking at him, trying to figure out what he was, but nothing registered. With a sigh, he turned and left the room. As the door shut, she barely heard him tell a guard that she would be useless for a while.::

::After a few minutes, her mind returned to her. Time to continue the recap.::

::They had been working for some time to get from her information on Starfleet's tactical abilities. She'd not told them word one. Recently, they had stepped up their methods, and holding on was more difficult. She had no idea what they'd done to her last time.::

KENNEDY: oO Where are you guys... Oo

::Still wrecked from the latest session, her eyes slowly shut...::

BAKER: Jiana! Over here!

::Jiana's eyes opened. She was on the Titan! Well, a starship corridor at least, but she was sure it was the Titan. She turned around and saw Baker standing in a nearby junction.::

KENNEDY: Nathan!

::She started running toward him, but he started running down another corridor. She turned the corner, and saw nothing but an empty corridor.::

KENNEDY: Nathan, where are you?!

::She turned, looking down each corridor from the junction. Slowly, everything faded to black....::

::She'd never told him.... Now, maybe, she'd never have the chance...::

RALNTH: Good morning.

::Her eyes shot open. There he was, Ralnith. She wanted to hit him. Begged her restraints to let go long enough for her to pummel the life out of him... But to no avail. It must have shown on her face.::

RALNITH: Ah, feeling better I see. Now, tell me what I want to know. Resistance will be punished, cooperation will be rewarded. What are Starfleet's tactical abilities?

::She glared at him, staying silent. He hit a button on a nearby console, sending electricity through her body. She gritted her teeth and grasped the arms of the chair, somehow staying mostly silent.::

KENNEDY: oO More electro. One of these days I'll get used to it. Oo

::As suddenly as it started, the torture ended.::

RALNITH: You should know. My superiors are at the end of their patience. They are prepared to simply send another expedition into Federation space and take another officer. Do you want to be responsible for another human being tortured as you have been tortured? Perhaps one of your friends?

::After a moment to recover, she spoke.::

KENNEDY: Any officer is prepared to die to protect the Federation. If I talk, all my friends die.

RALNITH: In the end, I really don't care what happens to you. You're just another case number to me. I just thought you'd rather keep your fellow humans safe.

KENNEDY: We humans have a saying, "go to hell."

RALNITH: Perhaps you will, Jiana. Perhaps you will.

::He left. Jiana was again alone with her thoughts. She reinforced her defenses, this time deciding to spend a little more time at the core of those defenses. She'd decided long ago to build her mental defense around one thing she could count on to keep her going. Nathan Baker. She had known Nathan for some time now. What Nathan did not know, however, was that she'd developed feelings for him during their dinners together. She'd kept it from him, thinking he probably didn't feel the same way and that telling him would ruin their friendship. If only he were here.... She was about to die. She knew it. There was no harm in telling him now...::

::Just then, Ralnith came back in.::

RALNITH: One last chance, Jiana. Tell me about Starfleet. Tell me now, or you will die.

::Slowly, she drew herself upright. If she was going to die, she wouldn't be slouching. She remained silent.::

RALNITH: So be it.

::He left, and a guard entered. He raised his weapon, aiming for her chest. A weapon fired.....::

::Jiana felt nothing.::

KENNEDY: oO Was I hit? Am I dying? Shouldn't it hurt? Oo

::But the figure of the guard dropped to the floor. The severe lighting gave her few details of the area, but she thought she heard the noise of someone entering the room through a duct of some sort.::

???: Jiana? Are you alright?

::Jiana tried to look around. Tried to figure out who was talking to her.::

KENNEDY: No, but I'll manage. Who's there?

???: Commander Nova. We're here to get you out. Can you walk?

KENNEDY: Umm... I'm not sure.

NOVA: Ok. Stay calm. I'm coming over.

::As the restraints came loose and two pairs of arms helped her stand and start moving, she knew she would make it.::

KENNEDY: oO Nathan... I'll see you soon. But I still won't tell you... Not yet. Oo

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