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JP Avaris Torrin and PNPC Georgio: Stay Fabulous


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(( Salon De Georgio - USS Apollo A ))

::Fleeing the scene of his quarters, where he had just gotten the news that not only was he and Artem to leave the Apollo, but also that the one person onboard who he had really connected with would not technically be considered a ‘person’ at all by most of the ship. He had called for Georgio, whose program designation was, he had just found out, Emergency Holographic Hair Stylist, and a moment later he had appeared in the chaotic disorder of sparkly sumptuousness that was the empty quarters he had likely just taken over on a whim. ::

:: When Georgio appeared in the absolutely fabulous sparkle, his babyblue eyes caught Avaris right away and he smiled brightly. ::

Georgio : Avaris. Don’t tell me I finally got you to succumb to my amazing cutting skills?

::Avaris laughed sadly .::

Torrin: No… I am not here for a hair cut…. I think I have gotten out of that forever now.

Georgio : ::laughing:: You are not getting out of that just because you say it, sweetcheeks. You would look smashing with shorter hair.

Torrin: You know that might actually look good, but I don’t have the time Georgio… I came to say goodbye, Artem and I are leaving the Apollo, he has been reassigned.

Georgio: Oh you are going for a vacation. ::He clapped his hands:: How exciting!

Torrin: … no, that means we are going off of the ship, onto a different ship where you won't be.

:: Georgio tilted his head slightly. He might not have known much about organic lifeforms, but a few things he knew. ::

Georgio: Of course you are, you are not able to breath in space for your travel.

Torrin: No you still aren't understanding… we are going to be on a different ship. A place that is like the Apollo but it is a different place entirely. We will only be able to talk to each other by making subspace calls to each-other, with a computer terminal like this one.

::Georgio looked at Avaris in confusion. What did he mean a place like the Apollo but different? Now Georgio was not stupid. He was connected to the computer in a way organics could never be. But he had his purpose, being an Emergency Hair stylist and Fashion guru, so he did not access the database for anything beyond that. It was just not his interest. So he did not really know, that the Apollo was not the only ship, or the only place to go for that matter. He knew that people looked different. Some had spots, others pointy ears, others ridges on their faces or different skin colours. But while knowing that, he did not completely grasp that they had come from different places, because he did not access that part of the database. ::

::Avaris lead him over to the computer and activated it. ::

Torrin: Whenever you want to talk to me, all you have to do is tell the computer to call me like this.

::He showed him how to find people to call with a search for them by Starfleet ship or facility and name. ::

:: Georgio watched the Trill as he showed him the use of that terminal. So many different ship names, that he could choose from, and on these were so many people, that he could contact with the touch of the screen. The hologram’s eyes were wide as he saw the thousands of profiles skimming by. ::

Georgio: Oh! ::he whispered and did not take his eyes of the display:: Look at all these people! So many poor unfortunate people in need of my fabulous skills!

Torrin : Georgio, I wanted to talk to you about something important, something a bit serious. You realize that you are different from most people on this ship right?

:: The pink haired hair stylist had still gone through lots and lots of ships and planet installations of Starfleet, judging their file pictures, putting them into a priority order of need, when Torrin spoke and he smiled widely. ::

Georgio: Of course. Not only am I the most fabulous, but the others are also organic.

Torrin: Yes… that's right. Most of us can't talk to the ships computer the way you can, we cant see what is going on outside the ship without asking the computer to show us on a screen. We also can’t turn on and off the way you can…. I think you have been turned on for a very long time now haven’t you? When was the last time somebody shut you down?

:: Georgio finally turned to look at Avaris, his head gracefully tilted to the side, his slender arms on the skirted hips. ::

Georgio: You have never asked these things before.

Torrin: Georgio I … I didn’t realize you were synthetic before now, I only learned this today.

Georgio: ::Chuckling:: Am I that convincing that you did not notice?

:: Avaris laughed loudly, at the ridiculousness of the situation. ::

Torrin: Actually no you aren’t at all, I guess I am just not very observant.

Georgio: Well I am here since the Apollo left the dock. Haven’t been turned off since. I did… read is the closest to what you call it I guess... about what you organics do. Sleep. But I have not slept myself. I did ask that lovely pink haired woman Luna Walker for her help though, to change my program so I can turn myself on and off. She also gave me this portable thing, just in case the holoemitters have to be turned off again or get damaged. But I wear it under my clothing, because there is no way to accessorize with it. ::He rolled his eyes in a dramatic way.::

Torrin: I would expect nothing less from you Mister Georgio.

Georgio: :: He grinned further:: I am sure you would like her. She is glorious. And that hair! She let me even style it. You should meet her. :: He looked to the wall panel with all the faces and looked up the personnel of the Apollo and when he found her, he noticed the note beneath.:: Oh. She is transferred to a place called Excalibur. ::His face dropped slightly, the disappointment clearly written in his face.::

::Torrin sighed… it was good that the chief engineer was supportive of Georgio up to now, but how could he be sure that her replacement would be equally accommodating. ::

Torrin: Georgio, I need you to promise me that whoever the new chief is, you won’t let them mess around with you. I don't know who… made you, but you have so much potential and it would be a crime to change you in any way.

:: The babyblue eyes of the hologram were fixed on Avaris’ face, wandering all over it and trying to make sense of the expression on his face, the tone in his voice. What was that about? It did not sound like usual, and it was not anger or sadness. What was it? He tried to compare it to those he had seen around and thought he remembered it in the face of that tanned woman with the red dot on her forehead. In surprise he straightened his head. ::

Georgio: Honey… are you concerned about me?

::Avaris looked down at the pink haired man, a bit sadly. ::

Torrin: Yes, of course I am concerned about you Georgio. We are friends.

:: Georgio looked at Avaris with wonder in his eyes, before he took a long step forward and jumped up, wrapping his arms around the broad shoulders of the man in front of him and just hugged him. ::

::Avaris bristled initially… he was not a person who made a habit of touching. ::

Torrin: Oh! Well…. okay...

Georgio: ::without letting go:: Nobody was concerned about me ever before.

:: He felt himself melting slightly, holding onto the hologram. Was he tearing up? He felt at once ridiculous but also devastatingly sad. ::

Torrin: Well I am concerned enough to make up for it. I'm going to miss you so much.

::They stayed like that for a long few minutes, in silence, just standing and holding each other. Even Georgio had realized by now, what Avaris had meant when he’d said that they were leaving. He was not familiar with the concept of a friend - something Avaris had called him before - but he knew that he would miss the tall spotted man. ::

Torrin: You better not forget about me you strange little man.

Georgio : You are way too fabulous to forget you.

Torrin: And I am going to call you every week and make sure nobody is messing with your program, you hear me? I am putting you in the ships directory before I leave, incase you get too distracted with your fabulousness to call me.

Georgio: You know that can happen easily. I will hope to hear from you soon. And I’ll let the new engineer know, that a big strong Trill will come to defend me if they try to change my program. ::He grinned, still holding on tight. ::

Computer: Incoming transmission for Avaris Torrin.

::Avaris sighed, and letting go of Georgio, he went to the comm panel on the nearest wall. ::

Torrin: =/\= Torrin here =/\=

Dragumov: =/\= Where are you? The shuttle is leaving in 15 minutes. =/\=

Torrin =/\= Okay, keep your shirt on I’m on my way. =/\=

::He disconnected to call, and turned back to Georgio. ::

Torrin: Thats my cue, Mister Georgio.

Georgio: Greet Artem from me, and you both owe me a make-over when we meet again.

Torrin: ::laughing:: And you stay fabulous.

::Avaris bowed dramatically, as though he were leaving a stage, which from Georgios reaction, he found delightful. As he left the room, tears still welling in his eyes, he looked back at the funny little guy, wondering what was going to become of him. He hoped that they would meet again soon, in the brief time he had known the hologram, he had somehow found his way right into Avaris’ cautious and distant heart.::

::But it was time to go, and so setting his jaw, and assuming a determined expression, he made his way down to the launch bay, on to the next adventure. ::


Avaris Torrin
USS Apollo A


PNPC Georgio
Emergency Holographic Hair Stylist (and self declared Fashion Police)
USS Apollo A

Simmed by

LtCmdr Akeelah D'Sena

First Officer

USS Apollo A

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