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'Useful' Novels?

Myrta Shirazi

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I discovered Trek novels long ago and far away, and I've been somehow addicted to them for quite a few years (mostly TOS but also DS9), then I went into a hiatus and sort of lost touch with the published Trek universe.

I was wondering which novels (if any) would you suggest as the most useful for relatively new players on SB 118

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Every book starting with DS9: A Stitch in Time are considered to be in the same continuity, kind of like Star Wars' Expanded Universe, and will often build on or refer to events in a previous novel by a different author.



However, in my opinion, some of the best books to read are definitely the Star Trek: Titan novels, Section 31 novels, the Destiny Trilogy, the and the Full Circle series. Articles of the Federation gives a good inside view of the politics of the Federation. Other novels I haven't read yet but I hear are good is the Typhon Pact series.

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I have liked the Diana Duane novels on the Romulans,and Vulcans' cultures. A recent triology called Vulcan Soul. Hey have a look backwards into the two cultures mutual history and tje start Of their exodus from Vulcan. , Also A.C.Crispin novels that featured Spock, and Sarek. Very well done and a look into the enigma that are Romulans and Vulcans

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