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January 2015 Post Totals

StarBase 118 Staff

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For the fourth month in a row, we’ve continued to grow!

Though the early part of the year tends, traditionally, to be one of the group’s slower times, that wasn’t true in January of 2015. In fact, there was an increase of almost 20 posts on average over December!

post totals jan2015

The crews of the Duronis II Embassy and the Atlantis both posted well more than 300 sims each for January. The Embassy hosted the crew of the Victory and several guests from the Executive Council to celebrate the promotions of Admiral Turner and Captain Nugra at the end of January, and that certainly contributed to their sky-high post count for the month! Elsewhere in the fleet, the Constitution posted enormous gains — 90 more sims in January than in December! Gemini and Victory also posted gains, while Columbia stayed steady around the ~150 posts per month it’s established. Starbase 118 Ops started strong, with nearly 180 posts for the month, and we’ll look forward to seeing more from Commander Handley-Page’s new crew!

avg by month jan2015

January 2015 is the best January the group’s had since 2012 — well done, everyone! Typically, January is followed by a post decrease in February, due in part to the loss of a few days at the end. In fact, in the last six years, only 2011 saw a gain in February over January. Will 2015 show a similar trend? Stay tuned to find out!

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