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Rumors circulate as more acts of piracy reported along Klingon border

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ARCHANIS SECTOR — More reports of violent piracy from Klingon space have come in as the USS Gemini searches for a missing ship.

The search for the USS Spartan continues, led by the USS Gemini. Reports indicate that the Gemini’s commanding officer Commander Liam Frost has made contact with several Klingon patrols in the area to share any possible data on the location of the Spartan. The Gemini recently crossed into Klingon space, accompanied by the USS Achilles, for what appeared to be a meeting with the Klingons in order to share information on where the Spartan may be located.

Meanwhile, more reports have begun to emerge of acts of violent piracy along the border with the Klingons. No confirmation has been made as to who is responsible, but speculation ranges from Orion pirates to fractious entities within the Klingon Empire itself trying to incite discord or even war.

“As of yet, we do not have any definitive links to any known groups, but we are not ruling out any possibilities at this point,” said Admiral Alex Raymond of Starfleet Strategic Operations. “We are working closely with all of our allies in the area to determine who is responsible for these acts and bring them to justice.”

But while Starfleet is remaining fairly vague on the evidence surrounding the attacks, there are scattered reports from the Klingon side of the border that the responsible parties may already be known: the Spartan herself.

Sources within the Empire report that at least one low-ranking member of the Klingon High Council has made allegations that it is the Defiant class Spartan that is responsible for the attacks on Klingon ships in the area and the destruction of at least one warship. The Federation News Service has been unable to verify the veracity of any of these reports, and no official complaints have been made.

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