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Terrorists attack StarBase 118 in coordinated attack

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TRINITY SECTOR — The crashing of a civilian freighter into StarBase 118 was discovered to be a terrorist plot, and a dramatic battle ensued where a Starfleet runabout was destroyed by as yet unnamed perpetrators.

Following the crash of the SS Cerberas into the strategic ops tower of StarBase 118, Starfleet forces immediately set out on a search and rescue mission both on StarBase 118 and for the crew of the Cerberas. Medical teams led by Lt. Cmdr. Velana evacuated injured crew and civilians from strategic ops, while a bomb squad led by Ensign D’Yer Rix diffused an undetonated torpedo that was dislodged from the Cerberas in the crash.

An away team on the runabout USS Aramis led by Lt. Cmdr. Sal Taybrim investigated the Cerberas. They found the crew was murdered, and the ship was rigged with an antimatter explosive. The team split up, leaving Major S’Lone tr’Khellian on board to pilot the Cerberas while the Aramis towed the freighter away from StarBase 118.

Unfortunately, the motion of pulling the Cerberas away from the starbase initiated the detonation sequence. The team worked quickly to slingshot the Cerberas as far away as possible while rescuing tr’Khellian. The ensuing explosion was harmless to the station but damaged the fleeing Aramis. Before the runabout could return to base, a small terrorist ship hiding in the vicinity decloaked and opened fire on them.

A tense battle followed, with StarBase 118 Ops providing cover fire as the Aramis attempted to outrun their attackers and reach safety. Sustaining heavy damage, the away team pulled a chicanery on the terrorists, beaming themselves to a nearby civilian transport headed to StarBase 118 seconds before the Aramis was destroyed. An apparent tragedy turned to a joyous reunion when the away team confirmed they were alive and well from the cockpit of the civilian SS Dawnbreaker.

StarBase 118’s commanding officer Cmdr. Leo Handley-Page later emphasized the quick reactions of his crew and downplayed the loss of a runabout on his first command mission.

“That will come out of our insurance…” he said.

Aboard StarBase 118, security forces discovered a terrorist on the station had accessed the main computer systems, and a security team was immediately dispatched. The terrorist was captured after murdering several crew members and attacking an entire security detail. Details on the identity of the terrorist group is still forthcoming.

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