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Lts. Evan Delano & Raissa Moonsong: Target Practice

Tony, aka VAiru

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((Holodeck 4))

((Standard Phaser Training Simulation))

::Raissa frowned at the different types of phasers laid out on the counter in front of her along with the species neutral targets arrayed at varying distances. She was a counselor, not a security officer.::

Moonsong: Why are we here again?

:: Evan stood nearby, arms clasped behind his back as he regarded Raissa. ::

Delano: One of my responsibilities as the chief of security is to ensure all senior officers maintain proficiency with standard armaments. According to the log, you’re overdue.

Moonsong: Running away screaming isn't an option?

:: The security raised an eyebrow, a lopsided smile curling his lip. ::

Delano: I’m afraid that wouldn't solve anything, Counselor. Don’t worry, I’ll keep the difficulty settings fairly low.

::She frowned fiercely at him, but there was no real weight behind it.::

Moonsong: Do you have a ‘shouldn't-be-allowed-to-touch-weapons’ setting?

Delano: That’s what the holodeck safeties are for.

:: Evan raised an eyebrow when he realized Raissa wasn't entirely joking. ::

Delano: Isn’t basic weapons training required at the Academy?

Moonsong: Well…. yeah…. technically….

Delano: So… you didn't do well?

:: Evan was trying to be diplomatic. He knew most officers disliked these annual requirements. His approach had been to try to make it more like a game. Sure, target practice wasn’t exactly Velocity, but it could be fun with the right attitude. ::

::Raissa sighed and looked decidedly guilty::

Moonsong: I shot my instructor…. I mean… not on purpose, but he moved as I firing… I managed to beg my way through an admin waiver. I can’t seem to fire a phaser with my eyes open.

:: Evan rubbed the back of his neck, looking just a bit uncomfortable. ::

Delano: Well, there’s no sense getting worried about it now. If you end up needing some extra work, I’m sure we can figure something out.

::She sighed and crossed her arms.::

Moonsong: My brothers tried to teach me to shoot with antique projectile weapons. I’ve had the problem ever since I fractured my shoulder with a 12 gauge shotgun.

:: The security chief gave Moonsong another raised eyebrow. He’d have to ask more about that story later. His stepfather had tried to teach him to use similar weapons a few years before he’d started at the Academy, but Evan had always preferred energy weapons. ::

Delano: I don’t think you need to worry about kickback with most Starfleet weapons. Really, to shoot a type two all you need to do is point and click. Though I’ll need to make sure you know how to adjust settings and set your safety.

Moonsong: ::sighs:: I assume you mean now…

Delano: Well… we are here. ::break:: Look, why don’t you just show me what we’re looking at. We can call it a practice run.

::Raissa picked up one of the type two phasers and looked at it. She knew the basics of the device. She knew how to manage the settings. That part was easy enough. She even managed to not once point it in his direction. She wondered if he’d give her a waiver if she shot him….. accidentally.::

::With another sigh she turned and faced the targets, holding the phaser with both hands she pointed. She aimed. Just before her finger compressed the trigger, her eyes squeezed shut and the beam missed the target.::

Delano: Hm.

:: Evan rubbed his chin with a finger, thinking more about how to offer feedback without making the other officer any more embarrassed. He opted for humor, in the end. ::

Delano: Well, at least you managed to make it downrange. Do you want to try it again with your eyes open?

::For a moment she leveled a look at him that promised harm.::

Moonsong: Evan, that’s my problem.

::Raissa tried again. She struggled as hard as she could to keep her eyes as wide open as possible until….. ZAP! Fortunately the floor was the only casualty.::

:: For his first few months on Garuda, he’d thought it strange that the phaser range attached to the ship’s armory went largely unused. Most of the crew opted to use the holodeck for such things, if only because the exercises were more entertaining. As he resisted the urge to duck, he suddenly had a new appreciation for holodeck safety protocols. ::

Delano: Well, that was better. Raissa, it’s… almost like you’re afraid of it. Is this because of what happened to you with your brothers?

Moonsong: ::she shrugged.:: I don’t know. I don’t like these types of weapons. Ancient or modern. My brothers love guns. They collect them.

::She sighed again and decided to tell him.::

Moonsong: I was twelve. The twins were fifteen. They didn’t tell me about kickback or blowback or whatever you call it. They made it look easy. They helped me hold it and aim it. I pulled the trigger and I swear I flew backward 10 yards, landing on my back with a broken shoulder. ::pause:: Of course at first they thought it was hilarious.

Delano: Really? That’s…

:: He really had no idea how to finish that sentence, but he tried anyway. ::

Delano: … Awful.

Moonsong: Siblings are like that. I developed a rapier wit in revenge.

Delano: So… what, you have some kind of phobia to ranged weapons? How did you get through those courses at the Academy?

Moonsong: I missed. I mean a missed a lot. But I was getting really good grades everywhere else. ::She sighed looking at the phaser in her hand.:: If the target is the size of a barn door, I can hit it. Law of averages they said. That or if I keep perfectly still and the target doesn’t move in the least, I can hit it.

:: Evan nodded, though the truth of the matter was that he was a little bothered. His responsibility was to the safety of the ship and crew. That task seemed much more daunting if some of the crew weren’t as capable of defending themselves as he’d believed. He’d need to step up these evaluations, just to make sure he was aware of anyone else with similar issues. ::

Delano: Well, I had a few classes like that, I suppose it isn’t that much of a stretch. Still, it’s my job to make sure you’re able to defend yourself in the event of some kind of emergency. ::break:: I don’t know, you’re the counselor. What would you tell a patient to do if she was having a similar problem?

Moonsong: Practice, practice, practice until we can keep our eyes open. ::makes a slight face:: Unfortunately our current schedule doesn’t leave us a lot of wiggle room. Besides, unless the ship is boarded we doubt we’ll be allowed on any away missions. ::Pause.:: Now if it comes to throwing things… I’m very accurate.

:: Evan noted the odd use of the plural pronoun, but assumed that Raissa was speaking of the two of them. ::

Delano: I think we should make the time. Even say… twenty minutes every other day or so.

Moonsong: ::sighs:: I suppose we don’t have a choice. We shall add it to our schedule.

:: There it was again. ::

Delano: Raissa, did you say ‘we’? What do you mean?

::Raissa cursed herself inwardly. On the bright side she didn’t slip up much in counseling sessions, but because she was with a friend she had relaxed. She looked up at the man she did consider a friend. But as chief of security, he did have a need to know.::

Moonsong: Bodhisattva could not remain. The construct was too damaged. A few hundred of the Community requested to remain to continue to observe our… Starfleet operations. ::another pause:: We.. I… agreed to be their host.

:: Evan’s immediate instinct was to think about the potential security risks involved, but he held back from voicing it out loud. The question must have still been obvious in his expression. ::

Moonsong: We know… we know… You will no doubt be hearing from the Captain and Dr. Skyfire about it… in exhaustive detail if we know CD.

:: Evan nodded. ::

Delano: It must be a fascinating experience for you. Mei’konda and I entered the Confluence during our first encounter with the Community. To be honest, it was… almost overwhelming. Are you sure you’ll be alright?

::Her smile faded a little.::

Moonsong: If it were a narcotic, I would be addicted. They have learned a great deal. It is like having an audience all the time. They are only observing so I’m fully in control… except for the occasional ‘we’ that slips out.

Delano: Don’t worry, Raissa. I trust you enough to know your limits. But… if there’s something I can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask.

Moonsong: ::The smile came back:: Trust me. I will. ::pause:: They remember you.

:: He looked back to the phaser range and picked up a small type one phaser from the table. ::

Delano: I don’t suppose one of those Community intelligences can help with your shooting?

::She went still. The rapid exchange of information. There was a flicker of light behind her irises, perhaps a trick of the light. Perhaps not.::

Moonsong: It it possible. They could act the moment the reflex kicks in.

:: Evan held the smaller phaser out to the other lieutenant. ::

Delano: Feel like giving it a try?

::There was a faint flicker of light.::

Moonsong: We have given permission to try.

::Raissa closed her eyes a moment and then took the smaller phaser Evan held out to her. She opened her eyes and pointed at the nearest target. As she pressed the trigger her eyes flicked, but they didn't close. It wasn't a perfect shot, but at least she hit the target.::


Lieutenant Evan Delano

Chief of Security/Tactical

USS Garuda


Lt. Raissa Moonsong


USS Garuda

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