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Cmdr Shelther Faranster - Who I am.

Selene Faranfey

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(( Captain's Quarters, Deck 2, USS Constitution ))
:: While Shel was recovering from the light headedness and lack of oxygen, the woman who was his sister from the future entered his ready room. The thought was strange, having another sister, well the same one actually but from a different time. She had come in to check on him and to collect his work and get him to his quarters where he could get some rest after the day they had. ::
:: Once they got to his quarters, she went about working on some food for them. He had thought her cooking skills were lacking, as he was more the chef in the family, but when she presented the meal to him, he happily ate with no main complaints. When they were done eating, they sat there and stared at each other in silence, not sure what to say to one another. Her coming back from a different future wasn't something he wanted to worry about at the moment. ::
Faranster: Thank you for the meal, Selene.
Faranfey: It's awkward hearing that name come out of your mouth now that you know.
Faranster: It's the name you decided to take up.
:: He stood and went to the drink cupboard, pulling out a bottle of oachi and a bottle of juice, before collecting two glasses and carefully mixing the two. Looking at Selene he made hers stronger than she normally liked them, suspecting that was also different about her. ::
Faranfey: Out of necessity, I suppose. :: She took the glass and didn't utter a word to protest the potency of her drink. :: I needed something that was mine.
Faranster: Makes sense, but now you have to live with it... That means answering to it, to everyone.
:: The look in her eyes indicated that while she understood that's the way things were, but she didn't really like it. ::
Faranfey: I know. But, even though my name is different, I am still your sister.
:: She had to state that fact, it was a bit of reassurance for her, cementing the bond between them. Even if she had to accept her life wasn't what it once was, she would still try to make sure he accepted her as his sister. ::
Faranster: That's true, but we still need to get to know one another. You have lived a life different than the Sun I know, for 23 years. It's going to take some time to get used to this.
:: Shel leaned back on the sofa as he finished draining his drink. He was used to being the older one, and now here his sister was sitting before him, eighteen years his senior. Although she didn't look much older than him at all, as their genes slowed the appearance of their aging. ::
Faranster: Were you planning on telling anyone else? :: When she indicated she didn't, with a gentle shake, he wondered. :: Why?
Faranfey: Because it's not my life anymore, I don't want people to have to choose between us.
:: She was partially afraid that if people had to choose, they would choose the Sun that belonged here. Sun wasn't as fun as she used to be, she didn't want to smile and be friendly all the time. Sun of this time would want the terrorists that held her brother hostage, in jail. She however wanted them in the morgue, and she wasn't sure how many people would understand this. ::
Faranfey: Besides, there are too many questions that I can't answer.
Faranster: You do realize, they don't have to choose between you. :: But something about the look in her eyes when he said that, made him wonder who she was worried about having to choose. :: Unless it's someone specifically you are worried about.
:: She stood and looked at him, it wasn't a conversation she wanted to have. The man that she had married, died years ago, the Admiral Jaxx of this time belonged to the Sundassa of this time, and that was all there was to it. Other people knowing, would make it more likely that her younger self would know about her existence, and her pain. ::
Faranfey: I think I am going to go, I'm a bit tired Shel. :: She paused, letting their eyes lock, by now he had to know he hit a touchy subject. :: I'm glad you are back safely.
:: Shel pushed himself to his feet, glad that he was feeling better, so he didn't feel dizzy when he rose the few feet quickly. The look of pain on her face, reminded him of her old self and how she hurt when he told her about Marseen. But he could tell she was stronger now, because the pain had to be different than it had been then. Marseen wasn't the right one for her, and now she was suffering because there were two of her to claim the one that was. Was that what drove her back here? When they could have more time, he wanted to have that conversation. But for now, he crossed the distance and hugged his little, but older, sister. ::
Faranster: If you won't tell anyone else, consider telling mom and dad, okay? They won't need to choose between the two of you, and they will love you just as much as they love the rest of us, you know that.
:: Her arms wrapped around him, her head on his shoulder. It was the first hug she got since she arrived in this timeline. There was a familiar warmth to it, one that she couldn't argue didn't belong to her. He was her brother, just the way she remembered him, and he cared about her whether she was the thirty year old lilac haired woman, or the fifty three year old brunette before him. ::
Faranfey: Thank you, Shel. I'll see you in the morning. :: Her mind turned to work for a moment. :: Oh... I forgot to mention, that little imp you have in charge of the Black Hole, keep an eye on him.
:: She pulled back, kissed her brother on the cheek and broke the hug completely before heading for the door, leaving Shel to wonder what was going on with the Ferengi named Zogi. ::
:: After she left, he looked up information on the Ferengi to find out the man had been thrown in the brig for computer tampering during code red emergency. He was going to be cooling his heels for two days, so Shel had time to go down there and deal with it, after he had a moment to think about how he was going to. For tonight, he was going to go to sleep. ::

PNPC Lieutenant Selene Faranfey
Medical Officer
also Simmed by:
Commander Shelther Faranster
Commanding Officer
USS Constitution-B, NCC-9012B
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