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Which Crew Dealt with the Most Adversaries?


Which Crew Dealt with the Most Adversaries?  

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  1. 1. Crew with most enemies

    • The Original Series
    • The Next Generation
    • Deep Space 9
    • Voyager
    • Enterprise

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Hi all! Welcome to this week's edition of the Poll of the Week!

Now who can forget that unmistakable tune from the Original Series that was the telltale sound of the call to battle. As we have watched the episodes of Star Trek, we quickly learned that not all were friendly and welcoming to our Starfleet crews over the years. The Klingons, for example, in the Original Series did not have a special place in their hearts for Captain Kirk and his crew. JeanLuc Picard was not a merry man when Q paid him his yearly visits. The political ping pong played between the crew of DS9 and the Cardassians was ever present during that series' run and the Voyager crew and the Borg were never best of friends. And who can forget the Xindi that wrecked havoc for the crew of Enterprise.

All in all, all the series had their fair share of problem aliens to contend with who didn't quite see eye to eye with our Starfleet heroes. Nevertheless, this week's Poll of the Week question will put your minds to work as we try to discover, of all the adversities that each crew had to deal with, which crew had to deal with the most adversities while treking through the stars?

So let us know who you think which crew had their hands the most full while performing their missions in the darkness between the stars!

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I agree. Voyager's story had hardship upon hardship piled upon it. No one could take any shore leave to get away from it. They had to live day to day with the knowledge they may never get home. There countless unknowns, danger all around and no one could quit or escape it. They *had* to deal with it.

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My first impression was what crew in,.. Our fleet?

I think the dominion war really was the only war in Star Trek ? I am not sure though,..

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