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Ltjg Stoyer & Lt.Cmdr. Williams: Lets, Play, DARTS!

Alexander Williams

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((Just outside Black Hole Bar))

:: Cory and Alex arrived at the bar to find out it was closed::

Williams: Thats odd? Why would it be closed?

Stoyer: I am not sure. But I think the First Officer might have something to do with it.

Williams: Oh yeah, i remember now. At the time i was dealing with asteroids. I guess he’s in a lot of trouble?

Stoyer: I would say so. Commander Siris was not happy the announcement came over the ship.

Williams: Perhaps we can convince that Ferengi to hire the two of us as staff for tonight.

Stoyer: Actually not a bad idea. The crew will need a break after the last mission.

Williams: ::laughing:: Officers thinking Lieutenant. I like that. Lets see if he’ll cooperate.

:: Alex and Cory made their way back to the turbolift and headed straight for the brig. Alex told the guard to wait outside and then looked at the Ferengi who seemed to be comfortable with his temporal home.

((brig, deck 33))

Williams: Mr Zogi?

Zogi: Oh, let me guess. You want to make fun of the little Ferengi who’s trapped behind a forcefield?

Stoyer: Actually we want to discuss a business plan with you.

Zogi: Business you say! Lets hear it!

Stoyer: Since you are in here and the Black Hole is closed. You are losing money. The crew will want to relax after the last mission. So here is our offer. Commander Williams and I will run your bar until you get out of here. We split the earnings 50/50

Zogi: A bold idea. I guess you humans need their drinks, and i could use the Latinum. But there is one problem. I wont settle for 50 percent… I wants 90! Its my bar, and the drinks you’ll be serving are all mine too. If i take 50 percent i’ll be losing money.

:: Zogi had already done the math and was already happy with the 50 percent share since he’d still make a nice profit. Claiming more however would make this an even better deal.::

:: Cory watched the Ferengi think about the offer. He would haggle a bit, but the offer was too good to pass up.

Williams: 75? And free drinks for us for next month?

::Zogi ignored the commanders reply and kept his eyes focused on the lieutenant::


Stoyer: Mr. Zogi, that is the best offer you are going to get. Take it or leave it.

:: knowing that the two men hadn't been in the bar that much the risk of them drinking through half his inventory were small. ::

Zogi: I can't shake your hand, but you have a deal…

::Alex walked to the side and lowered the forcefield. Then he handed a padd over the zogi.::

Williams: We came prepared mr. Zogi. All we need is your thumbprint.

:: Zogi had to give the humans credit for their plans and resourcefulness as he planted his thumb on the padd. Then he handed a small key over the commander::

Zogi: She is all yours!

Williams: Well Cory.. Looks like we just got ourselves a bar. Know a good way to get many people into a bar?

Stoyer: We need some good food to eat, plus the drinks. That should bring the crew to the bar.

Williams: I’m sure we can replicate some. I have a ton of rations left.

:: Cory and Alex left the brig and headed for the Black Hole.

Stoyer: This will make everyone happy. We need this after the last mission.

Williams: I know I do!

((Black Hole Bar 19:00 hours))

:: When Cory and Alex arrived they could see a small group standing in front of the bar. No doubt they wanted to get in but with the places locked that wasn't going to happen. The two officers made their way to the small crowd and unlocked the door::

Stoyer: Ladies and Gentlemen,if you will give us a few minutes Commander Williams and I will have the Black Hole open for business.

Williams: oO Not as many people as I’d hoped for, perhaps a sport event can get some more people Oo

Williams: All drinks will be served at the bar. No waitresses tonight folks! There will be a darts tournament in about an hour. Entrance fee is 10 slips of Latinum. Winner takes all minus a small 25 percent cut for the house.

:: Cory watched as Alex opened the door and went in. The bar looked the same as it always did.

Stoyer: Well, Alex I can man the bar. If you play darts, you can get the dart tournament started.

Williams: I doubt the captain will approve one us us playing in our own tournament. And i hope we have so many people you can't the bar on your own ::Alex gave a wink to Cory and then made his way to the replicator and made 4 boards and a load of darts. He placed to boards on the wall at one of the walls and took some chalk to make lines on the floor. Some people started at the board and obviously hadn't a clue what the game was all about::

Stoyer: Good point. I will get the bar setup.

:: Cory walked behind the bar and started setting up bottles for the night. While he was there, fixed himself a classic drink that his father loved. A margarita. ::

Stoyer: This will be a great start of a fun night. Alex, you want something before we start?

Williams: I’d like beer, but lets start with a cup of tea instead. We have to get this setup first.

Stoyer: Your wish is my command.

:: Cory seeing the wisdom of Alex’s request dumped the margarita out and fixed a cup of hot tea for Alex and a glass of iced tea for himself.

oO Hmmm, sweet iced tea. Oo

:: Glad to have finally found a real friend on the ship Alex was ready to get the show started.::

Williams: oO Lets see, who else would be willing to test their skills on a board Oo

Williams: Hey Cory. We should spread the word! =/\= Williams to Commander Udas =/\=

Stoyer: Sounds like a plan. I am about set up here.

Udas: =/\= ? =/\=

Williams: =/\= Sir, we’re hosting a Darts tournament at the black hole. Rumour has it you have a good throwing arm.

Udas: =/\= ? =/\=

Williams: =/\= We start at 20:00 hours. Counting on you my friend, and spread the word. The more players the bigger to prize! =/\=

Udas: =/\= ? =/\=

Williams: =/\= Williams to Major Edwards =/\=

Edwards: =/\= ? =/\=

Williams: =/\= Major, you are a man who knows his way with a weapon right? =/\=

Edwards: =/\= ? =/\=

Williams: =/\= Then Mr. Stoyer and I have the perfect thing for you and your marines.

Edwards: =/\= ? =/\=

Williams: =/\= You and your men and woman have 1 hour to get themselves to the black hole bar and sign up for the darts tournament! =/\=

Edwards: =/\= ? =/\=

Williams: =/\=Great, I look forward to it! =/\=

Stoyer: Alex, this sounds like the beginning of a great party.

Williams: Anyone else we should invite?

Stoyer: What abou the new cadets?

Williams: Cory, not only are you one hell of a barman. You should be our ships counselor too. Thinking about our new people like you do!

Stoyer: I remember checking onboard a ship for the first time as a Crewman First Class.

Williams: Uhm… some of them signed up while i was on the battle bridge so i haven't met them all.

Ezro: That might me something i can help with.

:: Alex and Cory were surprised to see the Bajoran dabo girl coming out of the kitchen. ::

Ezro: Give me 5 percent of the profit and i’ll run by their quarters right away and be their personal waiter all night!

:: Alex turned to Cory and Alex could tell the man was as excited as Alex was::

Williams: ::offering his hand to the Bajoran.:: Welcome on board!

Anyone: TAG!


With great pleasure written by:

Lieutenant JG Cory Stoyer

Helm Officer

U.S.S. Constitution-B


Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Williams

Chief Tactical Officer

USS Constitution-B

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