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Mars Is Calling You


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Mars Is Calling You

Stardate 239201.21

Current crises got you down? Is Earth just full of boring people discussing the Transport Union, President Bacco and the Election? Tired of caring about what Maronida Shiir is wearing? Are you looking for just a little vacation, a little R&R? Well good news, you don't have to look far. The Red Planet is waiting for you, and it's just a short shuttle ride away.


Mars is one of the oldest Human colonies, steeped in a rugged tradition of liberty and hard work that has transformed the planet into a crimson paradise. From the picturesque Lake Lowell to the breathtaking auroras of Syria Planum. From the spires of the domed city of Endurance to the rolling Columbia Hills, Mars has it all and more. Explore the Utopia Planitia Shipyards on a guided tour or sample the latest food craze in the algae bars of Utopia colony.

The night life of Mars is legendary and the native Martians really know how to get down on the dancefloor when the two moons are in the sky. Speaking of Deimos and Phobos, low gravity sporting events are held regularly on the two moons of Mars. From the high jump that can propel at escape velocity to the most engaging game of rugby you'll ever see, Deimos and Phobos are everything a sports or adrenaline junkie could want. The sands of the Red Planet are whispering your name and there's never been a better time to visit Mars than right now.

Red Carrier, the premier Martian transport service, remains in operation with special packages for first time and group visitors to Mars. Designed for comfort and class, Red Carrier's transports and liners are of the latest design and sport all of the amenities needed to make your journey to Mars the most memorable sublight flight you've ever taken. Red Carrier runs from all major Earth starports and has flights coming and going at every interval, adding to the convenience of scheduling your journey to the Red Planet.


Once on Mars, it doesn't have to be all fun in the sun and dances under the two moons. Mars hosts a variety of low key, niche attractions. The holo library of McKay University is home to the largest collection of holonovels in the Federation, with new ones being created everyday by the talented students at the University's creative writing program. You'll also find the natural warm springs and mud baths of Mars are amongst the most rejuvenating anywhere in the galaxy, proven to take years off your skin and leave your entire body feeling refreshed when you return to Earth.

So come, visit Mars, Earth's friendly twin in the sky, the crimson Red Planet that's been waiting for you to grace its sands. Mars is calling you, will you answer?

Placed by the Mars Tourism Bureau

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