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Congratulations Rear Admiral Toni Turner

StarBase 118 Staff

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The Executive Council is pleased to announce the promotion of Fleet Captain Toni Turner to the rank of Rear Admiral.

Turner has commanded the Duronis II Embassy for a number of years now (currently our longest-standing command under a single officer), helping to shape the story of this simming installation, and leading it to win the Simming League‘s “Most Creative Sim” award in the 2011 Tournament of Simulations! In addition, Turner is a member of the Executive Council, has served on the Awards Selection Committee in the past, is a member of the Species Development Committee, and has served as the Deputy Commandant of the Academy for a number of years.

We’re very proud of Turner’s long-time contributions to our community, and her extensive leadership. She has been a mentor and friend to many, and we look forward to many more years with her.

Please join us in congratulating Rear Admiral Toni Turner on the forums.

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