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Narala of Nimbus III joins race for the presidency


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Stardate 239201.18
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NIMBUS III — On the heels of Ambassador Lily Ventu's presidential campaign announcement, Nimbus III Chief Administrator Narala joined the race for the presidency.

Many citizens of the Galactic Peace planet Nimbus III had gathered in Paradise City for what quite possibly was the ambitious chief administrator's most staggering announcement yet.

"My fellow citizens of Nimbus, these are troubling times in our galaxy. Strong leadership is needed to handle both the challenges ahead and those that will always require a watchful eye and a steady hand. We as a planet have experienced similar disarray, and look at what we have accomplished," said Narala to cheers. "I believe that I can steer the Federation as well back towards the right direction. How? With the ideals and experiences I received after a life of service here. Today, I announce my candidacy for the Office of President of the United Federation of Planets."

Narala's entry stunned many political commentators, who were still reacting to Ambassador Ventu's earlier announcement.

"This is shaping up to be one of the most exciting presidential elections in decades," said Professor Samit Blutan of the ShiKahr Institute. "We've yet to have a member of the Federation Council throw his or her name into the race, and that's practically unheard of."

Although Terra Novan councilman Kevin Steiner has long been rumored to have his sights on the presidency, the councilman has yet to make an official announcement. Incumbent President Nan Bacco has also not yet officially announced her re-election campaign.

Still, others found Narala's bid highly unusual and were skeptical of her promises.

"Nimbus III isn't even a Federation member," said Erol Broam, Governor of Proxima Centauri. "Yes, she's done great things there, but the fact is she would have no experience dealing with the Federation Council. People think the presidency is all-powerful, but the truth is you have to work with the council as a partner to get things done."

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Yet Narala's outsider status is likely to be the crux of her campaign. She was born in 2297 to a Vulcan mother, from whom she received her own Federation citizenship, and a Romulan father. Her parents were residents on the joint Federation-Klingon-Romulan colony, and Narala has spent most of her life there. She started her career in the Paradise City Police Department, rising through the ranks, before attending law school and eventually becoming Chief Prosecutor for the colony. During this time, she was credited with leading several operations to eliminate Orion Syndicate activities and those of other major criminal organizations that had long treated Nimbus III as their own fiefdom.

Having solidified her support among the population, she next focused her efforts on eliminating corruption within the Nimbus planetary government. In 2377, Narala and officers from the Nimbus III Police Force stormed the office of Chief Administrator Ventimago Weil while he was giving the annual State of the Colony address, dramatically arresting him live on air and charging him with breach of conduct. Her popularity, already high, soared overnight, and when the next chief administrator was to be selected, rallies broke out across the planet demanding that she take office.

Although she claimed she had never sought the position of Chief Administrator, within her first year in office, she balanced the operating budget of the colony and announced renewed investment in education, crime reduction, and other quality of life services. By her third year in office, she had managed to halt the population loss of the colony, and she is credited with turning around what was once the poster child of failed colonies into one of the most promising hotspots in the galaxy.

"I can't wait to see what she does when she gets to Paris," said Pai Xi Feng, a shopkeeper and Narala supporter who attended today's rally. "The people of the Federation only need to see what's happened here to know what prosperity is possible with the right leader, and she's the real deal."

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