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Captain Blueheart - The Letter/The Postcard


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(OOC: These posts follow the death of Captain Blueheart's long-time partner, Lt Emerson Ravenscroft, KIA. 'The Letter' is the note that Blueheart places into Emerson's breast pocket when he visits the morgue. 'The Postcard' is an alternate tale, that somewhere in the myriad alternate timelines, Raj and Emerson are together and, forever.)


:: .. .. withdrawing a small, folded piece of paper from the breast pocket of his uniform jacket, he stared at it for several seconds, rubbing his thumb across the surface in circles, before gingerly inserting it into a pocket on Emerson’s uniform. Just over his still heart.. .. ::

My dearest Emerson,

How I wish I could hold your hand one more time. Place it upon my heart to still the raging storms within, to hold together the shattered pieces of our immaculate kingdom. How I wish I could glance upon the brilliant sun that is your smile, one more time, one last time. How I wish I could hold you, tight, and never let you go.

Alas, I did let you go. I stumbled and fell and let go of your hand, and the jealous shadows of fate swept you away from me. Now I am lost, lost without you and soulless without you and lifeless without you. There is now but a hole in my heart where you once ruled. Where are you, Emerson? Are you amongst the stars eternal? Are you in the colors of my dreams? Are you the wind that kisses me on the cheek? Where are you, Emerson? I wish to be beside you wherever you may be. I am nothing without you here. Why did you leave me behind? Why did I let go of your hand? How am I to face daybreak without your strength and spirit flowing through my veins? How am I to survive this never-ending night?

How odd to write these words down on this piece of paper. Words I could not say when you were standing in front of me. Words I had neglected to honor you by. Words taken for granted, never spoken, never heard. How will you hear them now? How will you treasure them within your heart? How can I turn back the clock and say I love you one more time, one last time? We are surrounded by miracles and science and timelines that defy the very nature of the universe, and yet I cannot see you again. I cannot rewind the clock. I cannot love you again. How cruel the fates of our stars, how twisted the humor of the gods that you should depart this life before me, defying the divine prophecy. Oh, how cruel the fates of our stars!

I shall always miss you, Emerson, like the tides miss the moon. I shall always love you, but you belong to the long night now, as do I. For there shall be no more sun in my life, no more north star to guide me back home, no more heart to love again. But there is some solace knowing you are the heaven that watches over me. You are amongst the gods now. You are eternal. You are my immortal beloved.

Rest now my brother, my friend, my lover. Embrace the long night, and, if the gods will it, I shall glance upon your face once more when my own time dawns. I shall crawl into your arms once more. I shall kiss your tender lips once more and taste an undying love bigger than the universe. And then we can dance across the vaults of heaven for all eternity!

I love you always and forever, Emerson, with all my heart and soul.



((In another time and place.. ))

((Il Diavolo Blu))

:: .. .. It was an exquisite snapshot in time. It was but a photograph of a single frozen moment in time, a photograph out of time, and there on the wall of this timeless consciousness of the multiverse, it hung, framed, yet with characters fluid and in perpetual motion.. .. ::

EMERSON: May I have this dance?

RAJ: ::accepting the man’s hand:: Of course, Sir. The night is young and the night is ours!

::They swayed to the rhythm of the lazy jazz number hanging like a fog of smothering heat after a summer rainstorm, mingling with the heavy blue smoke snaking out of gentlemen’s pipes. The shadows of the other dancers and patrons morphed into a single gray veil that dimmed the lights and comforted aching and lost souls. Raj laid his head upon Emerson’s chest, dancing to a different beat. A rhythm of his own, inspired by the heartsongs of the man he loved more than life itself.::

EMERSON: The night belongs to both no one and to everyone.

RAJ: ::chuckling:: The night is also all too brief, so no more words, please, just dance with me.

EMERSON: Indeed, ::drawing Raj closer to him:: let there be no more words between us until dawn.

RAJ: ::squeezing his arms around Emerson’s waist:: Oh I wish dawn never comes!

EMERSON: It will not. ::He smiled cheekily, his emerald green eyes twinkling under the chandeliers.::

RAJ: ::smirking:: Even the gods cannot stop that from happening!

EMERSON: Ah, but we are bigger than the gods!

RAJ: You are drunk, Emerson Ravenscroft!

EMERSON: Perhaps, ::He shrugged.:: but if you close your eyes, you will not see dawn.

RAJ: I should have known you would be toying with words.

EMERSON: We shall make tonight last forever! Now close your eyes, Raj, and dance with me till the end of time!

::They both closed their eyes yet still saw all the colors and all the magic around them. They danced to the music flowing through the hall. They danced to the rhythm of each other’s heartbeat. They danced with the shadows and light. They danced all night.

For the night was young and the night was theirs.::






simmed by

Captain Raj Blueheart

Commanding Officer

USS Atlantis


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