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Lt.JG. Janeway; Lt. Gardener; Lt. Foster - Fighting over Gwen

Lt.JG. Adam Haase

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((Holodeck 2, USS Atlantis))

:: In the heat of the moment Gwen found herself in a long, beautiful, and passionate kiss with Wyn. She wasn't sure which one of them kissed first but she didn't care. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it. The pair danced and kissed and didn’t notice Lt. JG Janeway coming up behind them. ::


:: Breaking from the kiss ::

GARDENER: What are you yelling about?


::Wyn paused and looked around. So far, with the din of the music and the distraction of the fellow crewmembers, Janeway’s outburst was slow to register to everyone - including Dr. Foster. He knitted his snowy brows, starting that the Vulcan incredulously::

FOSTER: Your mate? What in the everloving hells of Qon'os are you talking about?! ::Both antennae perked up in a curiously aggressive stance:: Did you just call me a puss hog?

:: Gwen stood there in shock not really sure what to do. Silently she looked at Wyn with confusion in her eyes as she backed away slowly. ::

JANEWAY: ::Angrily tossing the chair aside, breaking the barrier between Lt. Foster and himself.:: GIVE HER TO ME!

FOSTER: ::He leapt protectively in front of Gwen, his adrenaline spiking so fast that his body was taught like a bowstring:: That escalated quickly. ::clinically, oddly out of place considering the rampaging Vulcan coming towards him, he put his hands up and tried to talk it over:: Look... I think you're being a little illogical right now...

:: Gwen froze. She had no clue what Janeway was thinking or talking about but she didn’t like it. This whole situation was scaring her half to death. It didn’t help that they found themselves cornered to the far side of the holiday party area. with a sea of tables, chairs and deceased penguin confetti separating them from the nearest person who could help. And by now everyone in the room had noticed...::

::Again, he grabbed a chair and tossed it out of the way. His mind was locked into primitive thoughts, and his only desire was to grab Gwen and execute his plan.::

GARDENER: Lieutenant Junior Grade control yourself!

:: Gwen yelled hoping that would do the trick, but somehow she knew that everything was about to go south. Noting anyone was saying seemed to register.::


FOSTER: You are frikken crazy is what you are… ::he intoned:: If this is Pon Farr...

:: oO Love?! What on Terra is he talking about! Oo Gwen had only ever had one love in her whole life and it was Wyn, not Thomas. Gwen stood there unable to move as her fear consumed her. All she could do was stand there and pray everything would be okay. ::

JANEWAY: ::He grasped Lt. Foster’s uniform and shoved with all of the force that he could, sending the lieutenant barreling backwards. For a moment, Kody looked confused, and apologetic - almost as if his logic was returning.::

::Wyn looked around, noticing that the entire room was not staring at them. Well, good. There were a lot more of them than there was of Janeway. As he stumbled backwards he decided that the best course of action would simply be to delay the engineer for as long as possible until someone else could sedate him.

Or he would get tossed around like a ragdoll.

The world turned into a blur of motion that came to a jarring stop as soon as the concept of floor was introduced to the equation.::

FOSTER: ::Hitting the ground and rolling over one shoulder to his knees where he put up one hand in a non-threatening manner:: Look, let’s talk this out like rational people… ::He flickered his gaze upwards, trying to catch sight of Tama, or Ren, or anyone who might be able to take Janeway down…::

::No such luck. As the Vulcan advanced the holodeck compliantly raised a forcefield directly behind him, crudely but effectively cutting off access from the other partygoers who remained.::

:: Gwen ran over to Wyn stooping down beside him and glancing back towards Janeway. Gwen didn’t see a logical Starfleet Officer, she saw an emotional, raging, Vulcan attacking the only person she ever truly loved. ::

FOSTER: ::he looked upwards as pen shimmered into place:: You’ve got to be kidding me. ::he muttered:: Of course, he helped program this thing… ::He stayed stubbornly low to the ground, grasping Gwen’s shoulder in a reassuring manner, as if to say ‘It’s fine, I can handle this’::

JANEWAY: ::Within a moment of Lt. Gardener running to help Wyn up, the fire in his eyes re-kindled, and he was again ablaze with fury. He reached to his side, and grabbed his Starfleet Issue phaser. Pointing it at Lt. Foster, he began to yell.:: I DECLARE KOON-UT-KAL-IF-FEE!

:: Gwen panicked, She knew little of Vulcan traditions, but she was pretty sure that meant that the two men were about to fight over the right to be her boyfriend. Honestly, she should have felt flattered that both men wanted the honors. The truth however, was her heart belonged to Wyn and she didn’t want him to get hurt because of her. ::

FOSTER: ::Flat:: Oh [...], this IS Pon Farr. ::He blinked and protested in a louder tone:: I’m not even Vulcan you gold-suited ninny!

GARDENER: Janeway! What will it take to stop this nonsense?!

:: Gwen looked Janeway in the eye not wanting this to get worse. ::

JANEWAY: ::Looking deeply into the eyes of Gwen, he began to panic. He had never gone this far before. The logic within him was sporadic, but what he knew for certain was that Gwen had to be his. It was ordained. Surak would understand. oO It must be true! She must be mine! Why else would I feel so strongly towards her??? Oo

FOSTER: He’s hormonally unbalanced. Literally. He won’t stop unless we get him to sickbay… or he mates. Welcome to Vulcan Hell, population: us.

GARDENER: oO Why is this happening?! Why me?!Oo

JANEWAY: ::Keeping the phaser pointed at Lt. Foster:: Get up now! Do it, or I’ll shoot!!!

::Sweat poured down Kody’s face. The doctor must have known by now that there was something definitely wrong. Kody looked towards him as he slowly stood up.::

GARDENER: Don’t shoot...we can talk this out...

:: Gwen followed suit rising to her feet, horrified of what Janeway might do. She already watched her father die in front of her, she wasn’t about to let her boyfriend get killed by a fellow officer if she could help it. ::

FOSTER: Fine. Don’t shoot. I’m sure everyone is enjoying the show. ::he rose to his feet, turning to stare Janeway directly in the eyes. He pinned his antennae flat to his head and internally cursed himself for not having a medkit on his person. During the course of most any duty Wyn kept a variety of medical instruments including hyposprays tucked away in various easy to reach places. But when he had changed out of his duty uniform and into formal wear he had foolishly left everything in his quarters.

It was a mistake he wouldn’t repeat. If he lived through this.

Instead the diminutive doctor sized up his far larger opponent and started mentally mapping the Vulcan’s physiology. He didn’t know how much a Vulcan in the middle of Pon Farr felt pain, but he was guessing the answer was ‘not much.’ So joint locks and nerve strikes were out. But he had an idea… if he could get close enough…::

FOSTER: So what now?


::Dr. Foster had a childhood filled with playground fights and beating back bullies. It gave him a certain poise and awareness that allowed him to react. However Janeway was far faster and stronger than any schoolyard bully. The first strike came quick and hard, enough to make Wyn’s vision flash over in white. He could hear the forcefield behind them, crackle - someone was trying to break it.::

FOSTER: ::With a strained voice:: I thought there was supposed to be a ritual to this, not just wanton destruction… ::he dodged the next blow by darting behind the table and the next by tossing a chair into Janeway’s path. But he was rapidly running out of furniture, and the forcefield still hadn’t fallen.

It was time for Plan B.::

JANEWAY: AGHHH! GET AWAY FROM MY MATE!!! ::He threw his fists forwards, attempting to crush the Andorian. Unfortunately, he was too quick.::

::Another strike, all too close to crushing bone, but this time the little Andorian dodged forward instead of backwards, ramming his shoulder into Janeway’s chest. The slight stun gave him just enough time to snake one arm upwards and grab onto the half-Vulcan’s neck where he dug one thumb into the throbbing carotid artery, cutting off the blood supply.::

FOSTER: oO It should only be a matter of seconds… if I can hold on… Oo ::he gritted his teeth, and glued himself to Janeway, trying to become the little tick you just couldn’t remove as it drained - or in this case stopped - your blood::


::Feeling the blood supply cease, he began to become numb. Then he remembered...oO I was trained to use this method of attack! Oo. In a flash, his hand reached over the the Andorian’s and attempted to pry him from his neck. It was no use, his hand was holding fast. Yet, he remembered a special pressure point in Andorian anatomy that might help him. Clamping his fingers near the Andorian’s thumb, he began to feel release. Slowly the blood began rushing into the artery again. Yet without provocation, Lt. Foster was able to stabilize his grip, and again tightened his hold.:: oO What is happening?! Oo ::Kody began to feel his eyelids falling over his bloodshot eyes, and his mind began to fade into a deep abyss.::

GARDENER: oO Gwen don’t just stand there do something! Anything! Oo

:: For some reason she didn’t understand she felt paralyzed...it was fear, like watching her father die all over again. She couldn’t think everything was fuzzy, this was to fast and too insane for her to comprehend. Why a Starfleet officer would go psycho in a room full of people was beyond her, even if it was a chemical imbalance. Either way, it felt like there was nothing she could say or do to stop it. ::

FOSTER: ::Through gritted teeth:: Never fight a doctor with a specialty in xenobiology. ::Yes, he was still an arrogant little fool, even when getting his rear end kicked.:: Say goodnight, Lieutenant...

JANEWAY: NOOO! ::His muscles tightened, and he stabilized his stance. With one quick move he reached his arm over his head, and grabbed the Andorian’s neck, pulling Lt. Foster in closer. Kody quickly whispers in his ear.:: She’s mine.

::Grabbing onto Lt. Foster’s antennae, he twisted with all of his might, uprooting the limp blue organ from the lieutenant’s body.::

::The effect was immediate, as he released Janeway with a shocked grasp, one hand clamping to where a thick spurt of blue blood poured out. A guttural yelp escaped his throat.

He wavered backwards like a drunkard on a balance beam,his attitude going from sassy to shocked in less than a second, his expression clearly couldn’t believe the turn of events. That was, until the pain registered and his eyes clouded over in a grotesque mask of agony::

:: Gwen’s hands covered her mouth as she watched in fear. She lunged forward tackling Janeway to the ground ::

GARDENER: That was uncalled for you ingrate!

::Kody began to laugh. For some reason, even though he had just been through a fight, he had a sense of humor::

JANEWAY: I knew I’d get you on top of me, one way or another.

GARDENER: This is insane! Get your rear into sickbay before this gets worse!

::Grabbing Gwen, he shoved his mouth against hers. She struggled, and looked to Wyn for help.::

FOSTER: ::With all the strength of a cooked noodle in a gale:: Shhh--top… ::He felt the bitter cobalt tang of blood in his mouth as his sense of balance completely failed on him and he collapsed on the floor in a ragged blue heap. Irony of ironies, he could hear the rest of the remaining partygoers finally piercing the forcefield just as his legs failed to support his body in anything other than a graceless pile.:: oO Great timing, guys… Oo

::It was happening to fast. The weakling Andorian was down, but so was the forcefield. He would inevitably be caught. He had to move to his second plan.::

JANEWAY: ::Looking to Gwen:: We’re going for a trip!

::Gwen struggled against Janeway’s grip but he was stronger than her. Despite her best efforts she was powerless to stop him from holding her hostage. ::

::People began to enter the confines of what used to be the forcefield, and ran towards Gwen, attempting to take her from Kody::

JANEWAY: Computer! Initiate transporter sequence seventy-one alpha bravo!

::Fluorescent light began to shine around them, and almost immediately their molecules were dematerialized and downloaded into the computer’s mainframe. They were re-materialized in Kody’s personal quarters.::

A Joint post By:

Lt.JG. Thomas Janeway


USS Atlantis



Lt. Guinevere Gardener, AKA: Gwen

Chief Engineer

USS Atlantis



Lt. Shar’Wyn Foster

Chief Medical Officer

USS Atlantis

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