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Recast the Captain, Voyager edition!

StarBase 118 Staff

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Sticking to the theme of recasting television incarnations of the universe we all sim in, this week we’ll be focusing on the crew of Voyager. Who do you think would make for the best captain of our favorite Intrepid class starship if Captain Janeway was not her queen? Would it be Commander Chakotay or the resident Vulcan, Tuvok? What about the renegade Tom Paris or his former Maquis eventual wife, B’Elanna Torres? Or how about the clarinet playing Harry Kim or the holographic no name Doctor? What about Seven of Nine taking command or maybe Kes? Or maybe even Neelix battling the Borg to lead the crew back to earth? Or someone else maybe?

So head on down to the polls to vote and let us know who you would think would make the best Captain of the USS Voyager, other than Kathryn Janeway, because we here at Poll of the Week are itching to know!

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