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Ensign Liani - Subtle As A Brick


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((Holodeck 2, USS Atlantis))

LIANI: One dance then- and you’re free to go.

:: Liani fervently hoped that the Captain would just laugh this off and the two would part amicably- instead his eyes seemed to take a feral glint as he replied. ::

BLUEHEART: Okay, but only on one condition.

:: Liani stilled her antenna- they were all but one hair away from drooping- and now was not a drooping time. She forced them by sheer will into a stance of upbeat cheerfulness, rabid upbeat cheerfulness. ::

oO How bad could his one condition be. Oo

LIANI: And that would be…?

BLUEHEART: Kill the penguin when we’re done.

LIANI: As you wish. ::Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all. She took a moment to mentally prepare herself for dancing and not panicking as the captain hand over his ginger tribble to a crewman::

BLUEHEART: ::gesturing to the dance floor:: After you.

LIANI: As you wish.

::They reached the dance floor and Raj hesitated a moment before leading the lady into the dance.::

BLUEHEART: Sorry, been a while.

LIANI: For both of us. :: She hadn’t had to dance since the Andorian Academy- and those dances had all been traditional Andorian pieces. Thankfully this was a simple two step and Blueheart was a capable dancer- an incredibly tense, rigid dancer- but this made reading his movements easier at least.


LIANI: Ensign Liani h'Rhendria lyr'Theel'zhiin

BLUEHEART: ::arching an eyebrow:: Well, I believe this is the first time an ensign is reporting to me in a dance.

LIANI: One of your new doctors.

BLUEHEART: I wasn’t aware of any placement. I was.. preoccupied.

:: The music was pleasant at least- it made an interesting counterpoint to their dance. It might have looked like normal dancing from the outside- a stiff, formal sort of two step- neither partner really wanting to be there but both too polite to just be done with it. ::

LIANI: I probably should have followed standard protocol.

oO My mouth should have followed standard protocol! Oo :: She offered the captain a polite smile::

BLUEHEART: Doesn’t matter. Welcome aboard, Ensign.

oO That vein on the side of your neck is saying otherwise. Oo ::She kept her mouth shut though, and that was progress. ::

LIANI: Thank you. :: Polite head bob, one step two- turn. ::

BLUEHEART: So you’re a doctor, eh? Interesting.

LIANI: That’s what the shiny papers say.

BLUEHEART: You know, we doctors are supposed to be able to fix everything. What a joke. Not everything can be fixed, doctor. ::His voice turned into a low growl again.:: Remember that.

:: Liani kept with the dance while keeping her mouth from exploding. Clearly this man had issues, deep issues that just sat under that porcelain skin of his- like a cancer. Well, Liani knew she couldn’t fix that- but darn it all- Doctors could fix anything! Maybe not on the first try, or the fiftieth, or hundredth- but eventually- given enough patients you could solve a problem. ::

oO That would have made a good pun, wasted. Oo

:: She had messed up in demanding a dance from her Captain, well her mouth had- and she would be prepared to accept the consequences of that- but she wouldn’t abide bad advice. ::

LIANI: Captain- when we’re done here- you should go to your quarters, eat some chocolate, listen to some blues, and cry into your tribble- consider those doctors orders. :: She shifted her body weight and was able to take the lead, turning until they could see the abomination of a penguin bartender. :: Computer- generate a type 2 phaser in my left hand-. ::she straightened out her left arm, fingers wrapped around both her hands and the captains and fired the phaser at the penguin- it exploded in a flash of holiday confetti..:: oO Well played Engineers, well played. Oo ::Pushing the pistol into the Captains left hand, she broke away from him. :: Bring your tribble to sickbay tomorrow after you're done, so we Doctors can make sure it’s fixed.

BLUEHEART: You didn't!!

LIANI: You’re the one holding a smoking gun sir. :: She offered the Captain a slight bow and made towards the exit with dignified Andorian haste, exiting the holodeck before she emptied her stomach's contents in front of everyone. ::

LIANI: Never puke on your Captain’s shoes. :: She took only a few moments to collect herself before heading towards her quarters and her menagerie. ::

((Deck 3: Liani’s Quarters))

:: Liani entered her room and was greeted by Charlie’s chittering call, she searched the cases until she found the crickets and started her prep by making sure all her lovelies were fed and happy- Charlie being the first on call. ::

LIANI: I messed up Charlie.

CHARLIE: Chk chk cht chhk’crk?

:: Liani slid the feeding case into Charlies cage so that he could help himself. ::

LIANI: I know it’s only the first day on a new ship- but you just don’t commandeer the Captain of a vessel and expect to live it down.

CHARLIE: Chk :: munch, munch :: Ch-

LIANI: Not with your mouth full, you know it’s rude.

CHARLIE: :: Charlie looked at Liani with adoring eyes and swallowed slowly- so slowly one could have felt the sarcasm four decks away. :: Chk.

LIANI: Truth.

:: Nodding his head in furry approval he continued to nom on his crickets. ::

LIANI: We have a lab to work in by the way- the whole thing is ours apparently. I’ll set up everyone down there, and your extra room so you have someplace to sit and look adorable when we have visitors.

CHARLIE: Chk- chk?

LIANI: No, you have to have one- they won’t let you have free run of the ship- besides someone might think you’re food and try to eat you.


LIANI: It’s what you risk on a multi-cultural diversified species ship- something will always think you’re lunch.

CHARLIE: Chk. ::Charlie nodded his head in resignation and nommed thoughtfully on a cricket. :: Chrk, chk?

LIANI: Oh, I suspect not much will happen- Dr. Foster might chew me out, the captain might chew me out ,the person who designed that [...]ed holodeck program might chew me out or might not- as they’re clearly insane and work outside the rules of what most consider normality.

CHARLIE: Chk cht.

LIANI: Says the one talking to an Altarian Lemur, eh?


LIANI: Well, I’ll get everyone fed and then we can get about to moving them.


:: Liani took some time to make sure everyone got fed and unstressed before starting the long haul of moving them from her quarters to the lab. ::



Ensign Liani h'Rhendria lyr'Theel'zhiin

Medical Officer

USS Atlantis

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