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USS Gemini continues search for the missing USS Spartan

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ARACHNIS SYSTEM — Starfleet continues to search for the USS Spartan, the Defiant class starship that went missing near the Klingon Border after being fitted with experimental technology from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

The USS Gemini left Deep Space 224 after receiving word that another ship had gone missing in the Borderlands. This time, the ship was the USS Spartan, commanded by Captain Jeremy Clarkson. The Gemini’s commanding officer Captain Liam Frost set a course for the last known location of the Spartan and called a briefing with the senior staff. With everyone assigned their tasks, the crew got to work, knowing that time was precious.

“While there is no current evidence that the Klingons are directly involved, incidents of pirating near the border are impossible to ignore at this time,” said Capt. Frost.

The similarity of the situation compared to the Gemini‘s maiden voyage to find the missing USS Hermes was also not missed. Suspicions of possible Klingon involvement rose when it was discovered that the Spartan had been fitted with technology from the SCE that allowed the Spartan to appear as any vessel on sensors. First Officer LtCmdr. T’Mar ordered the Chief Engineer LtCmdr. Alex Blair to find a way to outthink the SCE and find a weakness; however, the Gemini got a lead when there was evidence of a battle near the Klingon border. While they were too far away to identify the ships, there were signs of a Klingon vessel being involved.

While the Gemini changed course, Frost and T’Mar discussed the situation further. There was one possibility that could not be ignored: that Clarkson has gone rogue.

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