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Round 6 Talisa zh'Eriss & Michael Jellico (PNCP) "Transfer Request


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((Lieutenant Eriss' personal quarters - USS Victory))

::Despite his intention to visit the Lieutenant directly after finishing up in Damage Control Central, Michael had ended up going back his own quarters and sleeping for the best part of ten hours. He did eventually visit the Lieutenant once he had showered and put on a fresh uniform and was invited to sit across from the Andorian in the living area of her small quarters as she finished off breakfast.::

Eriss: Congratulations on the promotion Petty Officer.

Jellico: Thanks ::Michael was still surprised at the increase in his rating. After being demoted and spending such a long time as a PO3, he'd come to accept that promotions wouldn't be in his future.:: Lieutenant Shedet must have been really desperate.

::Talisa considered telling the Petty Officer not to talk about another Lieutenant in such a casual fashion, but as it was just the two of them in the room, she decided to let the comment slide.::

Eriss: I've gone through your report. Did you want to discuss it in greater detail?

::She reached for the PADD.::

Jellico: That’s not why I'm here Lieutenant. ::He paused for only a brief moment.:: I'd like your permission to transfer department.

::Talisa’s antenna twitched and she fought an urge to roll her eyes.::

Eriss: o0 Are we really doing this dance again? 0o Do I need to apologize for something again Mr. Jellico?

::Michael actually chuckled at that.::

Jellico: No Lieutenant. You asked me to come join your department for a mission because you were short staffed and I did, but I'm not a good tactical officer. I'm Engineer.

Eriss: And your arm?

::Talisa said it cautiously. During their first encounter Talisa had inadvertently insulted the Petty Officer, three times, when trying to explain that an amputation was not the end of a career.::

Jellico: My arm’s getting there. ::He flexed the fingers of the biosynthetic arm to demonstrate.:: I still don’t have complete motor function but with therapy… ::He shrugged his shoulders. He hated his physiotherapy, it seemed to him that he sweated for two hours each day for minimal result but he didn’t want to elaborate.::

::Talisa thought about it for a moment before nodding.::

Eriss: Okay Mr. Jellico. If you want to go to back to Enginnering I’ll give it my approval and send it upstairs to the XO.

Jellico: Thank you Ma’am. ::Michael said giving the Andorian the courtesy he usually reserved for higher ranking officers.::

Eriss: No problem. ::Talisa said as the Petty Officer stood in preparation to leave.::

Eriss: o0 I was planning on visiting Ensign Peters anyway. 0o


Lieutenant Junior Grade Talisa zh’Eriss

Chief Tactical Officer

USS Victory


(PNCP) Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Jellico

Gunner’s Mate

USS Victory

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[sb118-victory] Lt. J.G Talisa zh'Eriss & (PNCP) PO1 Michael Jellico - Transfer Request

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