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Lt Cmd Parker & Col Waltas " Straight Talk..."


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(( Bridge- USS Thunder ))
:: Finally leaving Sick Bay behind, then stopping in his quarters for a fresh uniform, Hannibal came onto the bridge. The site where Hendon and company had put him back together still itched, and the knitted together muscle was still a little stiff...but in a few days, all that would be gone. Making eye contact with his friend Colonel Waltas, Hannibal approached the command deck..although Tyr did not seem pleased about something…::
Waltas: Relinquishing command. Sir.
:: There was a seriousness to Tyr’s tone, one Hannibal recognised..almost the same tone he used when he took command of the Marines. Hannibals’ shields instantly went up..inclining his head towards the Ready Room, Hannibal spoke..::
Parker: Let’s talk in the ready room….
Waltas: If it’s all the same, sir. I need some sleep. Excuse me.
::Without waiting for a response, Tyr left the bridge.::
:: Hannibal watched his friend go, but he knew something was bothering him...and eating him up inside. Watching as the distorted warp field streaked by, Hannibal turned over and over in his mind just what the hell was going on. The Gamma Shift Commander was manning Ops, and deep into the ships’ night, Hannibal needed an answer to the only question rounding in his mind..and he replayed the conversation he had with Tyr right before he and Kamela set out to retrieve Captain Turner and the rest. It took him awhile to figure it out, and when he did, the realization hit him like a thunderclap. Thinking that Tyr may be stewing in his quarters, Hannibal asked the computer where Tyr was..to his surprise, he computer told him he was in the holodeck. Turning over command to the the Gamma watch commander, Hannibal went down to talk to his friend…::
((Later, Holodeck))
::Sleep had eluded him, and the Ba’ku found himself programming the holodeck at 0300. He was surrounded. The deck, as it had been scanned from Thunder, of the smuggling asteroid stretched out before him. Brawls between holographic characters had broken out all around him, but five of the largest thugs were approaching him all at once. Tyr was armed only with his trusted katana, and his wits. The blade gleamed even in the weak holographic light. shining like a star. Three of the thugs, a Nausican and two Klingons, charged him at the same time. He stepped into the the closest attacker’s strike, grabbed the outstretched arm, and slammed his palm into the elbow, hearing a distinct crack. The man screamed in pain and dropped. The other klingon was on him but quickly met the business end of the katana, the blade embedding itself deep into his gut. He staggered backward as the Nausican attacked, grabbing the Ba’ku from behind. Tyr slammed his boot into the toes of the Nausican, snapped his head back, which bloodied the Nausican’s already-gruesome face, and neatly spun out of the grip. Ripping the katana from the gut of the dying Klingon, he tore a vicious gash down the Nausican’s chest, then reversed his strike and lopped off a leg. A final thrust embedded the blade in the Nausican’s heart.::
::Pulling the blade, Tyr spun to face his other two opponents, two Ferengi. The first Ferengi screamed a squealing war cry and pounced, only to meet the boot of the Colonel. He collapsed to the ground, his windpipe crushed. The final Ferengi took a look at the carnage, and retreated into the shadows. Tyr wiped his blade on the Nausican’s clothes and returned it to the scabbard on his back, turning as he heard the doors opened. The last person he wanted to see walked in.::
:: Hannibal made his way into the holodeck, and was surprised to see the place he had left not too long ago...the hangar bay on the asteroid..same dim lighting, the chaos of the brawl..and the figure of Tyr Waltas, armed with his kitana facing the hordes. Walking up to the Colonel, Hannibal spoke..::
Parker: What’s on your mind, Colonel?
::The Ferengi who had retreated was creeping out of the shadows, using the distraction. He held a vicious, jagged knife in a stabbing motion.::
Waltas: A lot of things, Parker. I’m here because I wanted to see if there was any justification for what you did.
PARKER: What the hell are you talking about?
::The Ferengi crept closer. Tyr continued to face Parker.::
WALTAS: I was seeing if I lost a step. If somehow I’ve lost my fighting form. Or, better yet, if you could handle the situation on the smuggling asteroid better than I could have.
:: Hannibal shook his head. Tyr was a man he knew he could count on, and after the brawl they had, Tyr had more than proven himself to be more than able to handle himself…::
PARKER: Come on, Tyr….
::The Ferengi was nearly within striking distance. He raised the knife to Tyr’s back, ready to stab him through the heart. Tyr’s eyes darted to his periphery, showing Hannibal he knew he was there.::
WALTAS: Know what I found out?
PARKER: What’s that, Colonel?
::Tyr spun so quickly that he was a blur of white steel, brown hair and green uniform. The katana sang when it was drawn from its scabbard and in one motion, severed the Ferengi’s head from his shoulders. It fell to the floor with a sickening plop and rolled to Parker’s feet. Tyr re-sheathed his blade and walked up to Parker until the two men were nose-to-nose. He placed his foot on the Ferengi’s head.::
WALTAS: I’m not the one with the problem.
:: Now nose to nose and almost eye to eye, the two men looked at each other, anger flashing in both mens’ eyes…::
PARKER: Allright Tyr...spit it out……
WALTAS: I spent the last 9 months trying to forget about being in command. To turn my mind and heart into a Marine. To lead the charge and be the tip of the spear. And when the moment finally comes that I should get to do that, you leave me sitting in the command chair and go galavanting off on your own. You know [...] well I should have been your FIRST pick, and you didn’t even put me on the team.
PARKER: Tyr...I needed someone...someone experienced...who could do what needed to be done in case we were unsuccessful
. Kamela and I had done this before, and I thought we have the better chance to pull it off successfully. I knew you could make the right decisions commanding the Thunder…
:: This slowed Tyr not one bit..and in fact, only seemed to ratchet up the heat even more….::
WALTAS::Shaking his head:: I KNOW I can command the ship, but that’s not my job anymore, Parker. And it took me a VERY long time to get used to that. But you denied me my chance to prove it. ::Sighing, he took his foot off the Ferengi’s head and kicked it away in frustration:: But since you put me in command, let me speak to you as a Commanding Officer and a Captain who’s served in that capacity a long, long time.. You. Were. Out. Of. Line.
:: Hannibal bit his lip, and he could feel the minor annoyance at Tyr’s attitude turning into a full-blown boil. Narrowing his eyes and squaring his shoulders, Hannibal spoke through gritted teeth…::
PARKER: You are way over the line, Colonel, and you know [...] well you are DEAD WRONG about your assumption.Just who in hell do you think you are COLONEL?
WALTAS::Voice rising slightly:: No it IS the truth, and I’m [...] sure qualified to tell you that. You were in command. Captain Turner was gone, which means YOU are the commanding officer. And instead of letting your people do their jobs, including ME, you went screaming into hell’s maw with only your pregnant wife and our Security Chief as backup. Did it ever occur to you that the crew needed you ON THE BRIDGE? That they had just LOST a commanding officer and could have lost ANOTHER one? Or were you just interested in rushing in where angels fear to tread, and being the hero one more time?
:: Hannibal had just about had enough. Friend or not, Tyr was on the verge of being the recipient of a right cross at point blank range...something which would make him back off..or shut up. Hannibal balled up his fist, and prepared to deliver what Tyr was asking for…::
PARKER: You son of a bic…….
::He knew he’d pushed Parker’s temper to the limit, but he had to get his point across. He stood toe-to-toe with him, refusing to budge, refusing to back up. He was in the right, and Parker had to learn this or his future was in jeopardy, as well as the crew. When he spoke again, his words were measured, his voice returning to an even tone.::
WALTAS: Part of being in command is giving up a part of yourself that you may not be ready to give up. But you have to, for the crew’s sake. You can’t simply risk yourself like you could previously, because if you die or are captured, it’s not just you that suffers. The entire crew does. Possibly all of Starfleet does. Wars have been started because the right people weren’t in command at the right time, Hannibal. And whether you want to hear it or not, whether you believe it or not, on this mission your place was ON THE BRIDGE. *MY* place was on that asteroid.
:: In that microsecond, shaking with rage, Hannibal knew what his friend and former starship commander was saying to him...Tyr was right…his duty was to the ship and her crew, not roaring off to do what he had always done...but, the brutal realization was...it was no longer his job. His anger melted. He should have known better...after all, he was the son of two starship commanders. In fact, deep within him, he knew this day would come, and he had no idea how he would handle it, and in his first time out, he bungled it. Hannibal had never failed to complete an order, come back from a mission..but this...this was something else. Hanibal looked away slightly, not wanting Tyr to see the realization in his eyes. He turned away from him, and walked a short distance away, before turning back to look at his bringer of truth..::

PARKER: Tyr...I’ve lived my life being the one...doing whatever it was the Marines, Starfleet, or SFI tasked me to do. The more I did it, the more people knew I could get it done. You were right, Tyr. As much as I hate to admit it. My place was on the bridge. I have to let the people under my command do their jobs, and that includes you. From here on out you long haired penguin [...], you better keep reminding me of my place..::smiling:: Thank you…
:: Walking back over to Tyr, Hannibal extended his hand. the two shook at the wrists, as warriors…::
WALTAS: I’ll keep you in line as long as you keep me out of that chair, shellback. ::Scratching his chin:: The more I do it, the more I miss it.
PARKER: I’ll do my best to not make that mistake again...and Kamela would appreciate that too, I’m sure….
WALTAS::Non-chalantly:: Yeah, if you still couldn’t get it through your thick head what I was trying to say my next speech would have been the “you’re about to become a father and have an obligation to your family” speech.
:: Looking around at the carnage in the holodeck, Hannibal had a twinkle in his eye..::
PARKER: Wanna practice killing some bad guys? I’m sure we’ll be back to that place eventually….
WALTAS: If Starfleet doesn’t destroy it first. We signalled them on the way out. Still, can’t hurt to get in some practice. ::Drawing his katana again:: Computer, reset.
::The bodies disappeared and then reappeared, looking nastier than ever. The two stood back to back, each picking their first target and what method they would use to dispatch them.::
:: Hannibal drew his Bowie knife, and picked out a Klingon..::
WALTAS::Stalking the Nausican:: So what was Kamela upset with you about?
PARKER:: Clashing blades with the Klingon, then shoving him backward:: She thought I had slept with T’Lea...
WALTAS::The answer shocked him so much he nearly missed his swing at the Nausican. It connected with his shoulder and sent him snarling to the floor in pain:: What?!
PARKER: :: Parrying the Klingons’ advance before drawing his blade across his throat:: We got drunk, very drunk the night before their wedding...
WALTAS::Jamming the blade into the Nausican’s chest, he turned:: Can’t say I blame her. And the bride-to-be would’ve killed you too.
PARKER:: Head-butting another Nausicaan:: Yeah, it could have gotten rather serious…
:: Avoiding a wild swing, Hannibal buried his blade in the armpit of his newest attacker..::

WALTAS::Locking blades with the other Klingon, he slid the katana into the gap between the bat’leth blades and wrenched the weapon from his hands:: So….did you?
PARKER: What do you think? I was drunk, not stupid…..
WALTAS::Grinning, he decked the Klingon, which only seemed to make him more angry:: Just asking.
::He kicked out at the Klingon’s knee as he charged and a grotesque crunch signalled the destruction of the patella. The Klingon fell dead from another jab from the katana. The two spun to face the Ferengi, who squealed and retreated into the darkness in terror.::
:: The retreat of the Ferengi elicited a hearty laugh from Hannibal, and a smile spread across his face..but their revelry was short lived as the comm came alive…::

Turner: =/\= I hate to bother y'all at this time a night, but something of great importance has come up and I need to meet with y'all... say in about an hour in my Embassy office? =/\=
:: The two men looked at each other, duty overtaking their enjoyment. Tapping his commbadge, Hannibal replied..::
PARKER: =/\= Parker here. Acknowledged, Captain…=/\=
WALTAS: =/\= I’ll be there, Captain. =/\=
:: Hannibal knew they were approaching Duronis, but he didn’t realize they were that close. Sheathing his knife, Hannibal looked to his friend..::
PARKER: Thanks again, penguin….
WALTAS::Nodding:: Better you learn from a friend than when your crew falls apart because there’s no one to lead them.
PARKER: I’m pretty stubborn, but between you and Kamela y’all will keep me straight…
:: No doubt he would need a reminder or two, but Hannibal would accept his role as First Officer, his days of being the tip of the spear over...but he would always be ready… Tyr walked out with him, and spoke.::
WALTAS: Oh, by the way, how do you feel about being best man?
:: That caught Hannibal by surprise..::
PARKER: What the frak!.. ::smiling:: You didn’t...did you?
WALTAS: I asked Hella to marry me. Crazy girl actually said yes.
PARKER: I’ll be [...]ed! You bet I will. Get ready for one hell of a bachelor party, my friend….::

JP by:
Colonel Tyr Waltas
Marine CO
Duronis II Embassy / USS Thunder
Lt. Commander Hannibal Tiberious Parker
First Officer
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
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