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[sb118-apollo] Flt Captain Kalianna Nicholotti - Recollections in the


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((Erscyne Station, Eridani Erscyne System, Afehirr Sector))

::A softness encompassed her much like a light, fluffy cloud might in a
child's imagination. The fabric brushed across her skin as she moved
slightly, encouraging her to pull it closer. Still hanging on the edge
of unconsciousness, Kali wasn't thinking of much aside from the warmth
the blanket gave her. It felt foreign and different against her bare
skin, like something one had only read about, but had not actually
experienced. And in that realization, she didn't quite want to let it go.::

::But then the vision of the stars popped into her mind. Immediately her
crystalline blue eyes flew open only to be forced closed. Sadly, they
weren't met with the dim but beautiful light of a million stars, but the
bright artificial light of some kind of craft.::

::Again, her mind reeled.::

::Everything felt so out of control. Where she was from one minute to
the next, and what she remembered from one point to another all seemed
fleeting. It seemed as if she wasn't there to make her own decisions,
but someone else would for her. But that didn't seem right either. No,
she had to be in control of her own destiny.::

::A slight frown formed on her face as she felt the air nearby stir.
Someone else had entered the room. Forcing her eyes open again, she
struggled against the light to make sense of any of it.::

Voice: Be easy, Captain. You are safe.

::The melodic tones of the voice were far different from the one quickly
fading from her memories, yet it also seemed familiar. Thinking hard,
she finally came up with something. Azeykan. Like a history book,
information about the race, including their musical voices popped in her
head. Trying to force herself up onto her elbows, Kali also tried to
speak. Unlike her caretaker, however, her voice reflected the fact that
she was quite thirsty, having never actually had anything to drink.::

Nicholotti: Wa...ter?

::That was all she could get out through a mouth that suddenly felt like
sandpaper. Slowly, her eyes were adjusting and things around her became
somewhat less blurry as another body approached with a vessel full of
liquid. Kali didn't even notice that it wasn't clear.::

Voice: Drink this, it will help regenerate you.

::It didn't take much to get her drinking. The liquid was slightly sweet
with a hint of something almost minty and Kali readily drank from the
strangely shaped glass. By the time she was done, someone had adjusted
the platform she was laying on so that she could sit with support and
still remain covered in the super soft blanket. Thankfully, she handed
the now empty glass back to the one who had given it to her before

Nicholotti: Thank you.

::The one who had spoken only nodded, her long, slim fingers now folding
into those on her other hand. For the first time, Kali could see the
reddish brown hue of her skin beneath the white cloak she wore.::

Voice: The Prime Captain will be here shortly to speak with you.

::And with a bow, they were gone. Again, Kali found herself left alone
in an empty room.::


Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti

As simmed by

Lt Commander Cayden Adyr
Intelligence Officer/Command Advisor
USS Apollo A

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