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State of the Federation and Surrounds?

Kael Thomas

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Just a quick question, given the Romulan homeward was destroyed, and I understand we observed that happening in our universe, have we done any follow up with how they are doing since then?

Where is their new homeworld? What is their focus?

If we have discussed some of that, then it's not on the wiki? At least not under the Romulan section.

Which got me thinking, what is everyone else doing? Is Cardassia demilitarising? What is the Federation's focus etc?

I know we operate in our own little timeline etc, but is it worth having a timeline that actually moves?

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I think for now the Cardassians and the Federation are playing nice towards each other as much as they can. Starfleet's gone so far to allow them to share a joint command of DSX (also called DS10, depending on who you talk to) in the Menthar Corridor. The Garuda has simmed a lot of contact between Starfleet and the Cardassian Union, though tensions are still sort of high, especially since the terrorist attack on the station (the original co-captain of DSX was killed during this event).

I haven't seen anything on the Romulans. There may have been one or two Romulan characters I've come across, but none of them mentioned their homeworld or anything regarding a new home planet.

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So, I guess my follow up to that would be, is how are we then using that to change the current state of Cardassia and Starfleet etc?

If I'm not on the Garuda(or any other ship) how would I know anything about your contact or engagement?

Should we not be constantly adding to a section of the wiki, increasing our Canon timeline of races etc?

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There was actually a similar discussion in this thread: Federation relations with other major powers

From that, a new Factions page has been set up on our wiki.

The goal is to make it like the CIA World Factbook with up to date information about each power and their current relationship with the Federation/political info, etc.

In addition to the diplomatic guides, there's a blank for Starfleet Intel reports, etc. It's up to everyone to help contribute of course to make it complete. :)

As for the Romulans, I prefer to think that while the loss of Romulus and Remus was a blow,it's not as if every single Romulan world was destroyed. I think there's certainly a fight now for a new direction, but I'd liken it to well what if the US lost DC or even the East Coast. The rest of the US wouldn't immediately dissolve (or at least, I hope it wouldn't...)

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Ok awesome!

Couple of things, If I look at the Romulan species name, there is no link or reference to that information. So if I was planning on simming as a Romulan(for whatever reason) or including that into a story, my background on Romulan's wouldn't be complete. I probably would have never seen Brayden's Romulan compilation without asking.

Also, on the Factions page, it doesn't list anything that Brayden compiled either.

So, what I'm trying to say, is how can we do it better? How can individual ships out there, meeting species and factions, then combine to update our collective knowledge and background for Factions/Species?

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It might be worth having a separate "SB118 Canon" bio for each faction, that can be linked to from each species page involved with the faction (and other relevant places), but kept separate from all the actual canon information.

So on the Romulan faction, for instance, you'd have the sidebar with History, ILI: Romulans, ILI, Remans and then at the bottom a 'SB118 Timeline' page.

Then each ship could appoint an officer to be in charge of keeping those SB118 Timeline pages of the wiki updated with the events of each mission as pertains to that faction, and what important facts were 'learned' about them.

So when you finish a mission, one member of the crew (or several) would write a brief concise report of what happened involving them during that mission.

239101.12 - A Romulan faction calling itself The Resilience attacked Starbase 118, this happened, that happened, these people were involved.


Then everyone could check that page before a mission involving that faction to keep updated with the latest happenings and make sure they stay consistent.

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I know from working on the ILI entries for the Remans and a few other Romulan related species that in conjuncture with the big event that occurred here in our Starbase 118 universe those post apocalyptic (Hobus Star System being destroyed) species had become part of a massive splintering of the Romulan Star Empire with different factions holding, controlling and fighting between themselves as part of a massive civil war type event.

From conversations with other members of the fleet this seems to have changed since then with open conflict being replaced mostly with tense armed truces and established zones of control.

What I still have not been able to determine is how many factions resulted, how big each one is, (worlds, ships, navy, etc.) and which ones survived the chaos following the Hobus disaster.

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Not sure if anything from STO is used, but in the game the Hobus Incident also happened and out of it came two factions Romulan Republic (this contained Remans as well as Romulan's) and the Romulan Empire granted a shadow of its former self and still controlled by an Empress but still a thorn in Starfleets side.

Just some ideas here.

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