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[sb118-atlantis] MSPNPC Felix M'Rrow - Oh, Yeah. Cat Detective.


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((DS26, Docking Port from Atlantis))

::Felix M'Rrow, the diminutive Caitian special investigator, scrambled down the gangway away from Atlantis like a cat from a hot tin roof.::

M'RROW: Get me off this ship! I have never, in all my years as a Starfleet investigator, been so humiliated, so inconvenienced, so utterly outraged by the atrocious behavior of-- of--

::He realized no one was around to hear him, and stopped talking.::

::He'd been brought aboard specifically to assist Lt. Commander West in uncovering the whereabouts of Atlantis' missing weaponry. On the way into the Norlian Nebula, a known landscape of treacherous danger.::

M'RROW: I TOLD them it was a mistake.

::Then, West had the gall to unexpectedly depart Atlantis before it arrived in the nebula. M'Rrow, meanwhile, stayed aboard, assuming he had a duty to fulfill.::

M'RROW: The nerve of them.

::To add insult to injury, they didn't even need him to begin with. They'd already solved the mystery. The weapons were stolen and tampered with by West's doppelganger from the mirror universe. They had camera footage, for heaven's sake. Why did they need an investigator?::

M'RROW: I will write a scathing report. Scathing!

::Useless and unnecessary in West's sudden absence, M'Rrow had sat in his quarters, watching the nebula out his window, not sure when the Romulans were going to torpedo him. Eventually, he had a long conversation with some kind of temporal ghost, a nice young man from Schenectady who was out on his first tour of duty, and seemed to think the year was 2299. It was all very confusing, and M'Rrow assumed it had been a dream.::

::Anyway, the young man appeared to be transported away just before Atlantis flew out of the nebula.::

::M'Rrow could also swear he had been sucked through a vortex and was treated to a sumptuous dinner by angular aliens in the distant past. Or the future? It was unclear. The indigestion he suffered later was his only clue that the experience was real.::

M'RROW: I will write, perhaps, a concise report. No need to include every detail.::

::Some detective he turned out to be. At least the mystery about Atlantis' weapons was solved. That's all his superiors would ultimately care about.::

::Felix M'Rrow cut a quick path away from the Atlantis, darting in and out of the crowd. He might hide away for a while, before going out again on the prowl. Either way, he would always land on his two feet.::

MSNPC Felix M'Rrow
Forensic Investigator

simmed by

Lt. Rendal Rennyn
HCO & Flight Officer
USS Atlantis

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