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Brell - "Time to strike first blood" Part 1 & 2


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(Underground Location - Lokesh City)

::The courier from one of the camps had just given her a piece of news she had been waiting for a choice target. A blue woman, the one from the Federation that had just been on the news feeds had been spotted boarding a hover transport leaving the embassy grounds by the streets they were taking the likely destination the press complex in the cities center. She knew time would be short but this was the right moment the right time to strike first blood. The population was starting to calm down but could be railed back up at the slightest provocation. She was going to light the fire of conflict and violent opposition to the aliens and to the regime of their puppet Vail Daysa. After what she had endured being extradited from the federation prison on starbase 118 and given over to brutal Tal’shair who had experimented on her pushing her feilding to the limit for hours on end until the day the facility had been liberated in the uprisings that followed the destruction of Romulans when her people rightfully expelled the Aliens from their world. Only to invite the federation to replace them and instead of open oppression they were doomed to the slow underhanded manipulation of the Federation whose goal is to integrate all under their flag. Forming a plan she darted into the next room a small number of soldiers were always around her.::

Rena: Who here is the best runner?

::Several of her sworn protectors raised their hands. She looked to the three that did not raise theirs.::

Rena: You three which of them is the true fastest runner?

::There three men all pointed to Lorikson a lanky young man with light green coloration on his face. She waved the boy over to her.::

Rena: You have just been chosen to be a martyr my fine man. You are to be the first to strike a blow at the heart of our enemy the federation! Take these. ::She held up two glowing devices roughly the size of a guyver fruit.::

Lorikson: ::His eyes went wide at the grenades his leader had just placed in his hands.:: What am i to do with them?

Rena: Throw them at the blue alien woman and at her vehicle then shout Til’ahn for Laudeans again and again until the police arrive then run. Run and never come back to this city go as far as you can and after a years time you can contact a cell to return to us. ::She knew the boy would likely to be gunned down by police or captured.:: If you are captured take this you know what it will do. ::She tucked a pill into a tiny pocket sewn into the inside collar of her soldiers uniforms. She took a handful of blits out of her side pouch and slipped them into his hand as well:: This is for your journey if you can escape. Go now, carry my spirit in your step and may your aim be true.

::The young man tucked the grenades into his vest and bolted out of the room into the catacombs of the lokesh underground. She turned to the others.::

Rena: Send word to my Lieutenants and have them come here we will wait for news of the attack and plan our next moves. I will be awaiting them in my chambers.

::The men in the room looked at her some with awe some with fear at what she had just set in motion other looked eager to start the fight.::

Rena: Today is a great day for the history of our people. The first day of what one day I hope they will call our second revolution!

TBC/TAG (Rena’s Lieutenants)


Leader of Til’ahn For Laudeans

Lokesh City Cell

As Simmed By


HCO officer

USS Thunder-A

Embassy to Duronis II


((Lokesh City Press Complex))

::Lorikson stood and waited the white colored transport with the federation logo emblazoned on its side was visible ahead nearing the vehicle check point to access the roundabout roadway in front of the press complex building. Those on foot had no such checkpoint to worry about he crossed the street and headed towards one of the stone pillars arranged around the upper curve of the entry way. He cupped one of the grenades in each hand keeping them tucked in his pockets. He watched as the vehicle pulled into drive it came to a halt at the upper center and it’s side door slid open, he had already stood and moved in about twenty feet away at the base of a pillar he stopped and called out at the top of his lungs just as he saw a blue leg emerge.::


::The sound of a screaming man drew Lyldra’s attention immediately as he got to her feet she could hear the driver’s door opening on the other side of the transport. The screaming man seem to throw something and she heard a thud the sound of something hitting the ground she saw it under the transport and jumped away from the vehicle. He looked back to the Man still shouting. Crewman McKele jumped back into the transport and closed his door. He hailed the embassy.::

Crewman McKele: =/\= This is McKele we could be under attack, returning as soon as i can get everyone back in the transport. =/\=

Lorikson: TIL’AHN FOR LAUDEANS! TIL’AHN FOR LAUDEANS! :: He threw the second grenade right at the blue woman, it landed right in front of her, he had held it a moment after pulling the pin. With glee he shouted louder.:: TIL’AHN FOR LAUDEANS! TIL’AHN FOR LAUDEANS!

::Her eyes went wide at her feet was another rapidly flashing bomb that man had thrown it. Thrown it at her. Fear stricken he did the only thing that came to mind she quickly bent down and picked up the grenade and threw it back towards the shouting man, it hit him on his left shin and it bounced behind him right between the man and the stone pillar.::

Lorikson: TIL’AHN F.. ::His cheers interrupted by the unexpected impact.:: What the……

::She stood there frozen in fear eyes wide and staring at the man who was looking down for the source of what had hit him. She had no clue where the Major was or the young crewman that had driven them here, It was as if the world around her had disappeared. A second later both of the devices exploded. The laudean man was at the center of the blast and so was the base of the twenty foot high pillar behind him, the base was fractured spraying stone debris in all direction and the rest of the pillar came crashing down toppling to one side. Glass in ground floor of the press building shattered to the floor in blast wave. Screams rang out from inside and from the surrounding area. At the same time the hover transport was thrown into the air and landed upside down a few feet away Lyldra was knocked to the ground hard from the blast coming from beneath it. It felt as if a force had just twisted her legs from under her and she landed hard on her head, her blue blood flowed out from a gash at the impact site and her vision went blurry. All she could see ahead was flames and rubble from the collapsed pillar. She struggled to stay awake, and slowly lifted her head and put her hand to the wound. She looked around and could not see Crewman McKele anywhere. She could see the fiery hulk of what was their transport but she could not make out any details it was beginning to hurt to keep hers eyes open.::

Lyldra: Crewman McKele! Major Pavlova!

::No answer came from the crewman. The sounds of sirens could be heard growing closer.::

Pavlova::Picking Lyldra up as though she weighed nothing:: : Time to go babe.
::With that, Irina started the car and completely ignoring her own injury or the crowd, she accelerated hard and made a fast line to the embassy.

PNPC Lyldra

FDC Attache

Embassy to Duronis II


MPNPC Lorikson

Til’ahn For Laudeans

Lokesh City Cell

As simmed by

Ensign Brell

HCO Officer

Uss Thunder-A

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