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In Command: Shel Faranster

StarBase 118 Staff

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A large majority of our characters are members of Starfleet. As such, our characters are often driving toward the rank of captain. Today we’ll talk to a player whose is closing on that penultimate rank: Commander Shel Faranster, CO of the USS Constitution-B.

DeVeau: Hello Commander Faranster! Thank you for joining me!

Faranster: You’re welcome, I must say I was intrigued when I got the invitation.

DeVeau: Now I always like to start these sort of interviews by getting to know a little about your background. Would you mind telling us how you got started with SB118?

Faranster: Well, I found SB118 by chance when I was looking for an old game I had once played. The site drew me in, the years of experience, the community, I just had to decide what character I wanted to play, sign up and here I am.

DeVeau: How many characters have you played?

Faranster: Oh… Well, I have Sundassa Faranster, Shelther Faranster, and a bunch of PNPCs, played an MSNPC in every mission thus far and when times call for an NPC, I throw an email out for them. The number of character, minus NPCs, comes to about 16, which includes 9 MSNPCs.

DeVeau: Who was your favourite and why?

Faranster: I’ve always been and will always be partial to Sundassa, she is where I started, and has the most of me in her. But I’ve had some fun playing Karolina Cranford, and I am enjoying exploring Shelther. Each character has their own life though.

DeVeau: Recently your character, Shelther Faranster, became the Commanding Officer of the USS Constitution-B, which is a really big deal – congratulations! Can you tell us a little bit about the road you and he traveled to get to this point?

Faranster: My road with him is shorter than that of his sister, he came in mostly to help his sister out, but along the way found out that now he can actually step forward with his own life. He no longer needs to be the person that has to stop what he’s doing to take care of his family.

DeVeau: Has it been a difficult adjustment, for either you or him?

Faranster: For him, he’s finally on his own, well sort of. None of his relatives are around, all leading their own lives, and he misses them, but he’s got his own family on the Constitution, one he has to take care of as part of his Career. I think it’s easier for him, than me. For me, I am still getting to know him, and the position we are now in. I think I am doing a good job so far.

DeVeau: What plans do you currently have for the USS Constitution-B?

Faranster: Right now we are exploring a psychological mission, but as for the plans of the Constitution, I want to make sure my crew feels involved in whatever we do next, so we might end up doing an action filled mission next, something that will get our blood pumping with excitement.

DeVeau: Do you have any long term goals for the ship that you’d like to see realised?

Faranster: Right now my biggest goal is providing much needed stability to my ship and crew after their recent moving of ships. It is my top priority.

DeVeau: What about long term goals for Faranster?

Faranster: For Shel… ::Looks thoughtful.:: For him to follow what feels right to him. He is a protector as well as a scientist, I would like to see him leaning towards his scientific and curious nature and taking more risks, even if they are calculated risks.

DeVeau: Well we will all be reading and looking forward to what comes next for him. Thank you for your time and allowing us to get to know him, and you, better!

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