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Prelude to Axanar

Talos Dakora

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This 21 Minute "Documentary Style" short film is the teaser for a feature length fan film in the works. It's probably the best one I've seen so far. Learn more at http://www.startrekaxanar.com/

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They showed the movie at a convention I went to, but I missed it due to not having cloning technology. I'm still kicking myself for that one, but if I recall I went to a pretty awesome panel/event instead.

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And they have (predictibly) gotten hit with a copyright suit from CBS/Paramount.


I was afraid of this when they said it wasn't licensed. They got a lot of money and attention..

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They have let so many other fan productions go though. It seems to be a bit of a harsh treatment of Anaxar simply because they have real name actors who have been on star trek and higher production values, plus all the fan funded money to consider.

Renegades also featured several known star trek characters and actors reprising roles. I wonder if CBS/Paramount will sue them too.

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Ah, well.

This very well might be the primary reason for the lawsuit:


Or: Don't admit you're using KS money (even though you could justify it) from a Star Trek movie to form an indepdent studio. CBS and Paramount WILL take exception to that.

Edit: And even if you do the above do not use someone else's IP to make money. Such as licensing *your* brand, which is a subbrand of another IP for.. coffee.. that's just begging for someone to slap you with a suit.

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