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USS Apollo crew joins in Festival of Diversity fun

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TRINITY SECTOR – Residents and visitors to StarBase 118 including the crew of the USS Apollo-A have been enjoying the Festival of Diversity, the largest show of cultures and lifestyles all across the galaxy.

Returning to their home base of Starbase 118, the Apollo crew was invited to join in the festivities. Several dozen species from all across the galaxy came together to share parts of their culture and lifestyle, be it culinary, art, music, fashion and more. The unique event is a fantastic chance to broaden ones horizon and understanding between peoples.

“Just so long as we don’t have to eat any living gold fish, this could be fun,” said Ens. Nathaniel Wilmer, sharing his thoughts on the team exercise.

The Apollo crew enjoyed the first day on board the station in their own way. First Officer LtCmdr. Akeelah D’Sena organized a scavenger hunt that used the festival and served as a team exercise for part of the crew. With the crew having just recently been thrown together, originating from the USS Apollo, the former USS Excalibur and graduates from the Academy, the exercise was an opportunity to give every participant the chance to get to know a part of the crew better.

Two crew members enjoying themselves during an artistic clay-modelling task and a band practice, Ens. D’yer Rix and Ens. Sabina Tiam, were unexpectedly called away, to be transferred to new positions. Fortunately, they did not have to go far because their new positions were on the very same starbase that the Apollo staff had chosen for their shore leave.

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