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SB118 Ops: Quotations of the Week!

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Not advisable?  At their size, a fall from such a height would mean that they would have Taelon and pancakes with a side of Max berries.  No thank you. 

so you’re saying that’s not the breakfast of champions, then?

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From the narration of Commodore Taybrim:

Well, if they had de-weaponized tribbles once, they could certainly un-shrink people.  He had faith.


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Tatash peered inside, thankful that nothing came to peer right back at him. Inside was a large, round orange object, the smell of citrus washing up from it. He stepped closer to it before looking down at his feet as they found something soft, laughing to himself.


Tatash: It’s a lunchbox, I’m pretty sure this is a ham sandwich.

I just keep coming back to this and every time I see it so clearly in my head and I just can't help but chuckle.

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