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What Star Trek Character would make the best Santa Claus? Head Elf?

StarBase 118 Staff

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This week’s poll deals with the mythical joviality of our favorite Christmas present deliverer, Saint Nicholas. Legend has it that the jolly old saint lives at or near the North Poll, er, Pole, where he runs a workshop that turns out massive amounts of toys to deliver all over the world to good little girls and boys. Which of the cast members, and I mean all of the series and movies, would make the best Santa Claus? Who has the looks, the attitude and the patience to deal with the little kiddies pulling on the beard all the time?

Helping Santa in the workshop is a veritable army of slave labor, er, elves who joyfully construct the toys for the children with love. Of the cast members, who would be the best to be the head elf in Santa Claus’ workshop? Who has the looks, the nature and the organization acumen to run the sweat shop, er, factory of happiness?

Here’s my candidates! If you think I’ve got it wrong, come suggest your own!

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