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Cardassians seek Starfleet’s help in search for slipstream prototype

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TEMPEST SECTOR — The Cardassian Union has asked for assistance from the Federation in recovering a missing Cardassian starship with experimental slipstream technology.

“The Federation and Starfleet Command are looking forward to working with our Cardassian counterparts on this urgent matter,” said Deputy Ambassador Chekanta, assigned to the Federation Embassy to Cardassia. “It is a sign of the great progress our two powers have made over the past decade as we continue to strengthen ties on economic, scientific, and defensive fronts.”

The USS Victory has been dispatched, having finished shore leave at Duronis II, where there was a major celebration for their recent successes with crew promotions.

While preparing to depart, Commander Nugra received orders from Fleet Captain Temperance Harland, their new sector commander for the Tempest Sector, to pick up Cardassian Legate Jarin. After the legate’s arrival, the Victory immediately departed for a border region near Tholian space.

En route, upgrades were started by a team lead by Lieutenant Commander Eerie that should help with the search for the missing Cardassian starship.

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