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Unidentified illness spreads aboard USS Constitution-B after quarantin

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SOTRA SYSTEM — An outbreak of an unidentified illness has spread aboard the USS Constitution-B, causing hallucinations and psychosis among the crew.

As an alien race awakes on the surface of the planet Sotra, chaos has spread through the Constitution. The ship’s commanding officer Commander Shelther Faranster has initiated a lock down and declared Yellow Alert.

“Yes, I have seen the disturbing report, and Commander Faranster has done absolutely the right thing,” said Doctor Gerald Brewster of Starfleet Medical during a press briefing. “At this time, it appears to be isolated to the Constitution, and as such, we will be making sure that a full quarantine remain in effect until we identify the cause.”

The Constitution’s away team had discovered that one of the recovered cryo-pods that contained a missing scientist from Sotra Orbital Research Station was damaged to such a degree that it would be necessary to revive its occupant. After an aborted first attempt, the team quickly worked to find a way to repair it and save the occupant. After it became apparent that they would not succeed in the field, the order was given to beam them with the cryo-pod to sickbay.

When the team arrived back aboard the Constitution, however, the order for everyone to stay in their present location had reached sickbay, along with both of the researchers accompanied by Major Ben Edwards. Both them and the away team were immediately put under quarantine, Commander Tal Tel-ar having already been anaesthetised due to violence induced by his hallucinations. Then Major Edwards and Lieutenant Commander James also began to experience hallucinations and Lieutenant JG Sylath Kai’Ryn began to show signs of aggression. After injecting himself with ten times the recommended dose of melorazine, a powerful sedative, medical officers realised that containment had already been breached and dropped the force field to allow Edwards to respond to an incident of a Marine shooting another Marine in Shuttle Bay 2.

With numerous officers now reporting hallucinations, whether this was the result of some kind of infection or infestation has not been determined.

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