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MSNPC Doctor Aralo Onil - "Everything"

Ben Edwards

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((Deck 42, Corridor Near Cargo Bay 18, USS Constitution-B))

::Onil stood, watching the swirling mass of energy in the Cargo Bay grow before his eyes. The researcher in him was fascinated, transfixed by the power and beauty, as well as the scientific prowess that been able to physically mark an unidentified foe. He felt the corners of his mouth tick up in a slight smile.::
::However, the smile hid his fear. His fear of the unknown. His fear of dying. His smile disappeared entirely when he heard the Andorian science officer saying his name.::
::Pulled from his terrifyingly close enchantment, the Ktarian listened to what the young officer had to say.::
Udas: =/\= Doctor Aralo, this is Lieutenant Udas. We need you to manually override the cargo bay controls and jettison the contents. =/\=
::Onil frowned for a moment, letting out a deep huff.::
Onil: =/\= Understood Lieutenant. Stand by. =/\=
::The Ktarian moved over towards wall panel and touched a few keys. Nothing happened. He tabbed through another screen and then another, attempting to manually override the controls of the door way again and again. The same error message scrolled across the screen every time.::
::He slammed his fist angrily against the wall.::
::Taking a deep breath, he looked around the corridor, for anything or anyone to assist. He was, as he had been for many months, alone. He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. ::
oO You have to do this, Aralo. You have to make amends. Oo
::He dropped to one knee and pulled off a wall panel underneath the controls. It was fairly standard for a three manual lever to be underneath the control panel as a fall back in case the doors wouldn't respond. He paused for a moment, suddenly realizing what was about to happen.::
::In heavy breathes, he spoke into the comm system.::
Onil: =/\= Commander Faranster, Morely. The manual ::his breathing was labored:: manual override seems to have...failed. No other way to jettison...to jettison...the contents of the cargo bay except from...inside. ::there was a long pause:: I'm so sorry for everything. I...really really am. Morely, tell...my daughters.. Well, you know.... =/\=
::Feeling his fingers wrap around the cold, metal level, Aralo pulled with all his strength. Looking towards the doorway, he was relieved to see about a meter opening in the Cargo Bay doors. Just enough for him to squeeze in.::
::Rising to his feet before he could think about it any longer, the pudgy man squeezed himself into the cargo bay and the energy fields.::
((Deck 42, Cargo Bay 18, USS Constitution-B))
::The feeling couldn't be described as painful. The energy immediately washed over him like a cool bath, immersing him, covering him. A million different thoughts and feelings, the feelings of people he'd never known, the feelings of those aboard the ship poured into him and through him. The energy was reacting to his presence.::
::Blindly feeling his way along the wall, he found a control panel. Kneeling again, he removed the wall panel and reached into to find the lever. Finding it easily, he pulled it, watching the meter or so gap in the doors close behind him. He was sealed in.::
::Moving through the energy, he felt overwhelmed. Everyone he had ever known, his daughters, both his ex-wives, his grandmother, and teachers from his days at university, random strangers, Commander Faranster and Morely, all of them were inside of his mind. All of them were watching him, silently.::
::Stumbling, the energy becoming almost too much to bear, he found the opposite wall of the Cargo Bay and the manual jettison controls. Raising his fist above his head, he crashed his hand down, breaking the glass covering.::
::A red button, marked ""ONLY USE IN EMERGENCIES" stared back at him.::
oO This is it, Aralo. No turning back. Oo
::A voice broke through the energy, a voice he had heard a thousand times.::
Voice: Papa, it's time. Come home.
::Onil smiled, tears being pulled from his eyes::
Onil: I'm coming, honey.
::With that, Aralo slammed his fist into the red button.::
::He felt, only for an instant, the gravity of the Cargo Bay being pulled out from around him as the contents of the Cargo Bay were pulled into space. He too was floating, a suddenly weightlessness about him. He was spinning, spinning, spinning. His vision slowly fading to black. His eyes couldn't focus much, so he closed them. Everything went white, he lost all feeling. There was nothing any longer to Doctor Aralo Onil. Nothing except the voice of his daughter calling his name as he tumbled further and further away from the Constitution and closer and closer to home.::
MSNPC Doctor Aralo Onil
Research, Sotra Orbital Research Station
Simmed by Lieutenant Udas
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