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Does anyone know of any good websites that have a lot of information on Star Trek technology? I don't own a book that I can refer to, so I'm constantly searching for websites with information that I can use when I'm not familiar with something, and some of the websites can be contradictory or not include all of the information I'm looking for, so if anyone knows of any good reference sites, let me know. I'd appreciate it.

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Alternately, you could ask any engineer you come across ('cos most of us have all the books you could think of) :P

If you'd like, you can email me with any questions you have about whatever, and if I don't know I can consult our wonderful SCE-SB118 group right here in UFoP land!

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Hi.. I've created a thread on the Character Creation and Development section of the Forums that might be helpful for writers needing new character names, words, objects and locations.

Check it out!


Happy SIMming!!!

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