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Species Spotlight: ZALKONIAN

StarBase 118 Staff

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“Fear the change. It must be stopped.” – a Zalkonian expression.

One of the smaller stellar empires, controlling a number of colonies and worlds in less than a full sector of space, the Zalkonians maintain a well-defended border. While not quite isolationists, they do tend to distrust all other species and have no interest in universal politics. That said, they will go to extreme lengths to hunt down and exterminate any of their citizens they deem to be criminals, especially those undergoing “the change.”

This change is the next step in their evolutionary process, but has sparked such a radical and universal – almost all-consuming fear to the point that all rationality seems to have been tossed aside. As a result they will betray children, spouses, parents and friends to their draconian style government if they suspect that such a person is undergoing the change.

This species is considered restricted for play, but has played a strong role in our Duronis II Embassy, where this species was at one time seeking to become the protectorate of the Laudeans.

Learn more about this species from their wiki page!

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