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Ketanya Dajhul & Gul Noraht, "The Never Ending Sacrifice."

Sedrin Belasi

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((Stateroom of Tolas & Ketanya Dajhul, Creshan'na Riyas))

::Ketanya, despite the opinions of many around her, was not an entirely heartless woman. There she sat, at the table, with the data tablet featuring Tolas’s death certificate. She felt empty. Whilst she may have used Tolas to get into her current position, high above the typical wives of Cardassian officers, she did enjoy spending time with him - regardless of the deluded opinions. He was a peaceful man, didn’t enjoy arguments. Perhaps that was the reason she enjoyed being with him - she always won against him.

::But now, here she was. His death had been unfortunate and could not have been predicted. She was vulnerable, without a plan, but that didn’t mean she still didn’t have tricks up her sleeves.::

::People could be bought.::

::The chime to her door sounded, and shortly after, her Cardassian handservant entered her chambers.::

Handservant: Forgive me, madame, but Glinn Noraht is here to see you.

::Ketanya glanced up in time to see the man arrive, laying the tablet back onto the table. Not waiting for permission, he stepped around her “assistant”.::

Noraht: Ahem, Gul, actually.

Ketanya: *Gul*? How convenient of dear Legate Demoric.

::He did his best to suppress a smirk. No need to be rude to a lady in mourning.::

::He gestured for the handservant to leave them before continuing.::

Noraht: When the Union calls for service, I answer.

Ketanya: Oh, I’m *sure*. Just stepping up in time of need, doing what’s right for Cardassians everywhere. Save the patriotic speech, Noraht - I have no time for it.

Noraht: Hmmph.

::He could see why Dajhul had enjoyed her company. Whatever else he thought of the late Gul and his idealism, that he had been able to successfully court such a woman of fierce mindset had earned him some respect in Noraht’s eyes.::

Noraht: Actually, Madame Dajhul, I’m here to let you know Legate Demoric will not be stopping by. He had important affairs to attend to, I’m sure you understand.

Ketanya: Why am I not surprised. Now that Tolas is dead, there’s no reason for Demoric to see me ever again - so he believes.

Noraht: ::bows his head slightly:: I am just a simple soldier, madame. I will leave the politics to you and your ilk.

Ketanya: Soldier. ::She scoffed.:: You’ve never known the meaning of the word. Tolas took you by the hand and assisted you to get where you are - as soon as he died, you of course, were *quite* happy to take his place.

::He didn’t have to take her abuse anymore. She wasn’t the wife of a Gul anymore. But, staying polite would only infuriate her more, he knew, and so that’s what he did to enjoy the moment.::

Noraht: I understand how difficult a time this must be for you. I will ensure your transportation back to Cardassia along with the gul’s body is reflective of the respect owed to you and him for your service to the State.

Ketanya: Unfortunately for you, *Gul*, I have made no plans to leave the station. And until those responsible for the death of my husband are found, decapitated and torched, I have no plans of the such. Because of my husband’s sacrifice, the Union, by my understanding, should allow compensation. It is my right, and would have been my husbands wish, that I remain here, assist with Cardassian efforts.

::Noraht’s smile dropped as he realized what she was doing. Public service was integral to Cardassian society, and military service in particular was revered. Typically, the widows and families of those who had fallen in battle were compensated well, but more importantly, they were granted with a high amount of vesala -- social currency. Thus, it would be difficult, if not outright improper for Noraht to refuse her request.::

Ketanya: Starfleet has willingly agreed for me to remain here, allowed me to keep their personnel assigned to me. The Union, however, has little choice in the matter. Or must I take the matter to someone of a higher stature and intelligence?

::It took a moment for him to gather his words.::

Noraht: I’m sorry, madame. I was under the impression you were not particularly fond of your placement here.

Ketanya: Never assume. If anything, I’m growing quite fond of the place.

Noraht: ::through gritted teeth:: How nice to hear. ::beat:: Well, perhaps I should give you a few days to think it over-

Ketanya: Oh, that won’t be necessary. Soon my Starfleet assistant will be back on duty, and I will have everything I need - provided that my current situation doesn’t change. I will, however, be sure to contact you should I require . . . *anything*.

::There she was. Playing cards back in hand. It was only a matter of time before she was indeed back on top of her situation.::

Noraht: Of course, madame. If you’ll excuse me, I have station business to attend to.

Ketanya: We’ll keep in touch.

::The man didn’t answer as he turned to leave. He simply shoved the handservant aside as he exited.::

::Noraht was a bad decision made by Tolas at a time of weakness. As he walked out, she made the decision - the station could not remain under the partial command of an unpredictable Cardassian. She needed to contact an old friend.::

::Noraht needed to be eliminated.::


Ketanya Dajhul

Widow of Gul Tolas Dajhul


Gul Noraht

Co-Commanding Officer, Creshan'na Riyas

Simmed LtCmdr Bakari & LtCmdr Core
USS Garuda

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