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One-Year Recognition Joins Member Service Awards

StarBase 118 Staff

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That’s right: This year, for the first time, members who have been a part of the UFOP: SB118 for one year will be recognized with this new award! Member service awards have previously been given to those members who have written for three, five, or ten years with the group — but now, anyone who has a year behind him or her will receive some recognition as well. The new award was approved unanimously by the Captains Council and will be given out for the first time during the 2014 Awards Ceremony.

The original suggestion for the one-year service award came out of a general membership forums discussion. The suggestion to implement a ribbon of completion for successfully making it through the Academy also came from that thread; the idea is currently under review on the Captains Council. This is an excellent example of how normal discussions can make real changes in our group, so always remember that anyone’s voice, whether they’re ranked ensign or admiral, can be heard!

Please read more about this award, as well as all the other general awards, on the wiki!

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