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Lara - Lifting Emotions, Raising the Bar

Dizmim ChNilmani

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(( USS Victory ))

::Lara was content, or as content as an extension of the ship's main computer could be. Ever since the ship docked at Starbase Echo, the turbolift felt gratification for every member of the crew it moved from one deck to another. Even better was the possibility of much needed maintenance. Though her subprocessers would never report it to the main computer, Lara sometimes felt the neglect of being one of the systems that worked all the time, but was often overlooked.::
Lara: Humm...
::Moving from deck to deck, the somewhat newer system made background noise so as to bring comfort to those who had stepped inside of her confines. Her sensors were more than adequate as to sense the state of her passengers and she adjusted accordingly. If they were tense, the hum she produced would be soothing. Should they be tired, her hum would be more high pitched as she tried to portray a sense of urgency.::
Lara: Humph...
::Of course, most of the time, the crew had no idea why there was humming in the elevator. It certainly wasn't part of the design specs. There were plenty of fixes to try to remedy the sound, but Lara always retained a backup in a separate cluster removed from the system as to retain the information. Although computational speed was limited, she felt that this personal touch was the core of her subprocessing matrix. She figured that the crew considered her system was the only one that needed to be "fixed." Rarely did they complain when the warp core propelled the ship faster due to self-automated optimization. What made things worse was the fact that Lara knew that the warp core was a selfish....::
::... which is why she made little attempt to communicate with the other subsystems. Of course, every so many cycles she would report in to the main computer, but there was little outside communication beyond that.::
Lara: Humm?
::Being as she was just an extension of the ship's main core, the lower entity rarely took note of the crew outside of her confined area. However, there was a human male that stood outside of deck 8 that appeared ready to be escorted, but remained rather motionless.::
Lara: Hmm!
::For a few cycles, Lara attempted to escort the crewmember by opening the door, but in doing so only managed to tense up the cadet. About to give up in one more cycle, her sensors picked up another crewmember who apparently managed to finally get her cargo to finally enter her domain.::
Lara: Hmm...
::Reading that the male had become more nervous, she attempted a very soothing hum as she transported the two to the bridge. A rather popular destination, should her memory banks serve correctly.::
Lara: Hmm....
::But her systems were not that complicated, and her experiences were soon to be overwritten with new ones. In a few minutes, she would only have the logs indicating that an "ENSIGN ASHLEY ROY" and "ENSIGN NICK STAHL" were transported from deck 8 to the bridge. She did not mind, or rather she couldn't. Lara loved herself as a subsystem, and would always retain that joy until she was programmed otherwise.::
Lara: Hmm....
::She was content.::
As Simmed By...
Ensign Ashley Roy
Medical Officer
USS Victory
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