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Ensign T'Brei - The Night Terrors


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((Ensign T'Brei's Quarters-Atlantis))

T'BREI: :: Finished her meal and worked some more on the research progress, and schematics of the workings for the upgraded prosthetic s with the Inter-Species Medial Group R & D section. She, braided her hair and wrapped it around her head, pinning it into place, the rest of her hair she pulled into a ponytail and then rolled it under and pinned it into a loose chignon. Donning a fresh uniform, she picked up her work and made her way out of her quarters for sickbay.
((Sickbay Atlantis))
It was late, and most of the crew were asleep. She wanted to check her research unencumbered by the EMH or a lot of activity, patients were sleeping and the nurse was at her duty station and the Sickbay was on night lights running. She slipped into her area and sat down to look over the samples of Trans- molecularity dna re sequenced prosthetic implants. :: oOo Now to run another set of trials tomorrow, and gather more data.oOo
T'BREI: ::Went to her research trials and put the finished ones back into the vault drawer, she pulled out fresh samples and programmed them with a slightly different coding and put them in the incubation system. She logged them as non-lethal experiment but do not open. And then made her way back through the wards. She noticed a sting in her head slight but definitely the tale tale signs of a headache. She went to the nearest bio bed and pulled out an analgesic giving herself a low dose. She, made a notation in her own medical chart and then checked all the notes. :: Nurse informed her that Sickbay was quiet and no patients.
T'BREI: Very good Nurse, I shall return to my quarters and remain their for a couple of hours, unless there arises an emergency and I am needed.
NURSE: Very good Doctor T'Brei, take care of that headache.
T'BREI: I shall, I am going to lie down for a while in a dark room. ::She departed sickbay and returned to her quarters, and this time she set her work aside and went to her bed, slipping off her boots, she slide out of her uniform and pulled on a pale pink gown, and a matching robe. She pulled back the coverlet and lay down with an iced pack on her head. Soon, she drifted off to sleep. The scene unfolded as it did most nights after she had worked on research for the amputees; the undisclosed planet name dark knee deep in mud and blood, wadding through body parts and hearing the cries of the wounded calling out for help for those to weak to cry out the dying. She walks on wards to get the blood and platelet paks to the CHIEF of the make shift MASH. Soval handed her another case, it was a amputee both arms and legs, the N'toklan barely alive and she was to stabilize him and get him out on the next Medi-vac-Shuttle. The N'toklan looked up at her and whispered.:: Let meeee die..... Iii do not want to live like this..... his lips fell completely open his vital signs dropped, the CMO heard the alarm and took over. He brought the N'toklan back and the shuttle arrived and he was lifted away to the Comfort. ::
((Comfort- covert ops blackout mission))
T'BREI: ::Struggled in her sleep, the pain in her head more violent now, as she walked back down the corridors of the Comfort, and saw the N'toklan again. The Top Notch Medical team and scientists were working to stimulate his genes using a highly classified and rare procedure to regrow his limbs. His screams echoed through the ward, he called out to his Gods and cursed the doctors who had kept him alive, his eyes settled on T'Brei. His newly regenerated arm and hand reached out and grasped her hand.:: You understand, you know why I wanted to go on and be with my soul. T'Brei moved closer to him and said. How can we bring you and your soul together again? He pointed to a necklace around his neck, it had the sign of a priest on it. There were no N'toklan priests onboard so T'Brie found a Vulcan Priest. She and the Priest worked with the man for hours, until he and his soul were reunited.::
T'BREI: :: Woke with a gasp, her head truly pounding now. She went to the bath room and washed her face off, and took out another coldpak and placed it on her head. Lying back down she mediated, letting her heart rate lower and lower so low that even sensors could not detect it. She knew that there on that dark and deep mission, she had been given a mission to do what ever was possible to assist and help survivors put the puzzle of their lives back together again...::
Ensign T'Brei
Medical Officer
USS Atlantis
NCC 74682
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