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Garuda plot summary for October

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The USS Garuda, NCC-73809, docked with the Deep Space Ten station for much needed shore leave, and the crew enjoyed their time relaxing and recovering from the previous mission. However, their time to recuperate was cut short when without warning alarms blasted, and quarantine containment doors sealed across the station.

The crew were cut off in small groups throughout the station and needed to deal with the rising panic among the civilians on the station. After initial thoughts that the crisis was just a malfunction, a number of the Cardassians on the station started becoming sick, and showing symptoms such as bleeding from the mouth and nose, accompanied with violent coughing. Some of them even needed emergency resuscitation. To make matters worse, Captain Egan Manno and the Garuda were summoned away just minutes after the crisis began on an urgent mission for Starfleet, leaving the remaining crew under Acting-CO Lt.Cmdr Nia Calderan to find a solution to the pathogen.

Things seemed to have stabilised with Doctor Chythar Skyfire working on a cure, and a team under LtCmdr Msafiri Bakari trying to get the station’s systems back online, but this was ended when a chilling video message was broadcast across all monitors in the station. Terrorists calling themselves the Maquis Reborn were behind the quarantine, and to prove their seriousness, murdered the Cardassian CO of the station live on air.

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