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Columbia plot summary for October

StarBase 118 Staff

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The crew of USS Columbia NCC-85279 continued its journey to Pernipia Gamma IV with about 170 Terran colonists onbard. These are led by two differing leaders, Robert Carson and Mirielle Danvers. While one of their engineers was creating problems over the installation of the mission pod, a fire erupted on deck 14, claiming two lives. At the same time, a severely injured man called Noah Richardson was found on deck 13 by LtCmdr. Sal Taybrim.

The investigation, led by Ens. Tatash, Lt. James Kolk, Ens. Marcus Drake and Lt. Tyler Kelly, soon revealed that the fire was a carefully engineered arson. The victims (Aiden Richardson and his fiancée Kate Stone), were poisoned by snake venom before their quarters were set on fire. Doctor Drake also discovered that it was the same venom that killed one of the colonists’ cows and gave LtCmdr. Brek a mild case of food poisoning.

The crew also unveiled further issues: the diseased cows are a breed that was not supposed to be among Mrs Danvers’ livestock. And the Richardson brothers have fallen foul of Robert Carson after discovering his plan to find and mine Kelbonite on Pernipia.

Meanwhile, Cmdr. Ben Livingston, LtCmdr. Kael Thomas, Lt JG. Kendall Washburn and Ens. Santiago Montoya worked together on a safe method to pilot the mission pod to the surface of Pernipia.

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