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Ens Leland Bishop - "Admiral Nibbles"

Dizmim ChNilmani

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((Bishop's Quarters - USS VICTORY - Deck 2))

::To say that Leland “woke up” was to make light of a great struggle – like saying The Trail of Tears was “a long hike.”

It was a slow and painful process which began with the gently piping chimes of his alarm. Unused to the sound, Leland waved his arms about ineffectively trying to knock the offending timepiece across the room. Only after prying one eye to half mast did he realize that the alarm

was tied to his rooms comm system. Knowing the only way to silence it was to hit his comm badge he blearily scanned his bedroom.

There it was, still attached to his dress whites which now lay crumpled in a chair near the door. The only way to stop the merry little tune was to somehow make it over to them...His head felt like someone had removed half his brain and filled up the cavity with a spicy gumbo and his mouth tasted of shame. Slowly he levered himself up on this elbows... Only to meet the unflinching gaze of his roommate, the taciturn Admiral Nibbles.::

Bishop: Nibbles, be a good boy and get my badge, would you?

::The massive Oscar did not reply, as he was a fish. But the sidelong glance of his long-time companion seemed filled with reproach.::

Bishop: Why didn't I get a dog...?

::Nibbles had been with him for years. On a whim, Leland had decided he'd like a pet the day before he left for The Academy. Even with so much to do to prepare for his new life, Leland made a trip to the pet store to select a creature that would fit the bill. He had spent more than an hour scanning the kennels and enclosures: looking with mild disdain at the puppies happily shaking their tails, the analytical cats, and the hideous noise-machines that were the birds. Even the fish didn't really do anything for him, they seemed to be dullards and devoid of spark...Then, as he was about to leave, he spied a little piebald fish swimming in the corner of his tank, away from his fellows. The fish was a bit smaller than the rest but seemed to posses a keen intellect. As if it knew it was destined for greater things. As Leland himself knew he was. He had leaned down to the fish, his nose near the glass and bade it come over. And sure enough, I had! It swam defiantly right up to Leland's nose and met his gaze with a look that brooked no argument: “You must choose me Leland,” It would have said if it had been capable of speech. “I understand you, and I alone.”

Giddy as a schoolgirl, Leland had the pet store owner personally net the impudent young fish. The rest was history. Admiral Nibbles had been with Leland ever since and had made the journey into space with him to live near his bed on the Victory and give him disapproving looks when he drank too much. Casually Leland flicked some flake into the tank and gave Nibbles his customary rub as the fish rolled over to expose his flank. Leland then

staggered wearily to his heap of clothes and reached for his comm. No sooner had his fingers touched the brushed metal of the badge than

the thing squawked it's own, special annoying noise at him. Followed by..::

Nugra: =/\= Nugra to Victory Staff. There will be a mission briefing at 0900 in the Main Conference Room on the Deck 1. =/\=

::At once Lelands mind cleared. It looked like things might start to pick up after all! He dressed quickly and presented himself to Admiral Nibbles.::

Bishop: How do I look?

::The fish, as was its custom, said nothing.::

::Leland made a gesture to the fish that was unbecoming of a Starfleet Officer and rushed to the meeting.::

Ensign Leland Bishop

Diplomatic Attache

USS Victory

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