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Duronis II Embassy / USS Thunder plot summary for October

StarBase 118 Staff

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The crew of USS Thunder, NCC-70605-A continued their journey from Starbase 185 to Trill for the wedding ceremony of Ambassador Della Vetri and Lieutenant Commander T’Lea. The eve of the wedding got off to a rather dubious start as Lt. Commander T’Lea and Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker combined in a holodeck-created seedy bar, plus Romulan Ale, to get in a brawl, which set the bar afire… With Hannibal throwing T’Lea over his shoulder, both ended up on T’Leas’ bed. Both woke up in their respective quarters with lingering thoughts of exactly what had happened after that point, a point of consternation for both their mates.

The next day on Trill, the beautiful wedding went off without a hitch, and the command staff celebrated by wishing the two newlyweds well and enjoying the night before the USS Thunder resumed its journey to Ba’ku. The two new Ensigns, Barrett and Brell, began to make themselves comfortable with their new shipmates during the celebration afterwards.

All was not well, however. Lieutenant Commander Irina Pavlova shared both her secrets of the fear of what the metaphasic radiation might do to her on Ba’ku and the demise of her former shipmates from the NX Class USS Columbia, and the fear she was indeed next. Sharing her secret with Lieutenant T’Mihn and Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker, they both vowed to find a way to keep Irina safe, not only from the radiation, but from those who were hunting her.

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