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Halloween Avatar Contest Results are In!

StarBase 118 Staff

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Greetings to all you forums crawlers out there, and all of those who should be on the forums and aren’t! The judging for the 4th Annual Halloween Avatar Costume Contest is done and the judges have spoken! The results are in and have been carefully put into a calculation lovingly designed by yours truly, then redesigned completely when I was actually awake enough to write the formulas correctly and the correct results have been calculated!

As mentioned before, there were three categories in which ships completed. The first was originality, which measured the original thinking that went into the selection of the ship’s theme and the individual characters that the members displayed as their new avatars.

The second category, design quality, measured the graphic quality of the new avatars. Were they consistent in quality and format? Were they carefully done and without visible errors? Did they fit well into the format of being avatar images? If there was text, was it legible?

Finally, the overall score took each ships scores and adjusted them by the participation of the crews. The higher the participation, the better the scores! I’m happy to report that, in this category, the 6 ships that participated averaged a 92% participation, with 4 of them at 100%!

So, on to the results!

In the originality category the winners are:

First Place: Apollo (Greek Gods)
Second Place: Constitution (Comic Characters)
Third Place: Columbia (Pirates of the Columbia)

In the quality category, the winners are:

First Place: Apollo
Second Place: Constitution
Third Place: Garuda (Disney All-Stars)

…and finally, in the overall category, the winners are:

First Place: Apollo
Second Place: Constitution
Third Place: Gemini (X-Men)

This year, the contest also had a single individual best of show category for the judge’s pick for the best individual avatar in the contest. The Judge’s Best of Show Award goes to:

Ben Edwards, from the Constitution, as Rocket Racoon!

Prizes will be forthcoming to those who have won them. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for participating to all those who gave up their avatar space for a week or more to show their holiday spirit!

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