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Sexism in simming

StarBase 118 Staff

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“What happens In Character stays In Character.” It’s a nice thought, but it isn’t always true and using that defense as a shield can have harmful effects on our other players.

Unlike normal fiction, the characters in our universe are represented by real people who can be hurt when sexism and other forms of discrimination are used callously toward characters, or in a way that creates a hostile simming environment. That’s why it’s so important that everyone understand what sexism is, how it can affect others, and how we can sim in interesting and dramatic ways which are sensitive and considerate to other players.

Our Captains Council has drafted a new tutorial, which can be found in the Tutorial Library, that defines and explains sexism, demonstrates it is manifested harmfully in simming, and how you can avoid it while still using discrimination In Character for dramatic purpose.

Please take a few minutes to read the tutorial by clicking here.

We’ve also opened a thread on the forums to discuss this tutorial. Head over and join the discussion now!

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