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[2003: SEP-OCT] Lonely tears

Captain Robin Phoenix

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Hello there, here is my story. Please forgive me if I have entered some typo's but English isn't my native language. By the way, let me know what you think.


- lonely tears -

Heavy footsteps walked on the shingle though they could not be heard by anyone. Small blades of grass grew between the small stones on the ground, here and there a small flower fought for it’s rightful place amongst the weeds. A man trudged over the shingle while looking up at the treetops surrounding the small road he followed.

At the gates he had doubted if he should enter and conquer the path in front of him, or not. The choice had been hard but his mood encouraged him to continue his quest. A torn grey robe covered his ripped and burned uniform, giving him slight comfort in these windy and grey days. As he opened the gates he stared at the words hanging above his head, a single drop slid down his left cheek. The steel sign he read could not give him comfort, he left it behind as he walked past the steel gates.

The man came to a crossroad but could not choose a direction. He stood there, thinking while staring into the void ahead. What road to follow, he did not know. “Does it matter?” He thought briefly while trying to remember those precious last moments. But he could not handle remembering the events which unfolded so long ago. The memories strengthened his emotions, his feelings as he fought to forget, but he could not.

There, in front of him she appeared. Nature played with her dark blond hair by summoning the winds upon her. Her face was still perfect, little pink blushes grew on both her cheeks. Her eyes contained bright colors of blue, green and amber. The girl came closer as the man started to weep. He turned around trying to convince himself she wasn’t there. Rubbing his eyes with his slightly burned hands he softly and briefly cried. The former Federation ensign stared in front of him while he sighed. Finally he turned around to face his fears, but the girl had gone.

There, where her feet last had touched the ground a stone existed. Deep words were carved in the surface of the stone. He had read them thousands of times, but still he could not comprehend the pain those words gave him. As he kneeled in front of the marble design, he dropped a few snowdrops on the brown leaves in front of it while mumbling a song he remembered from his youth.

Images of the family life he once knew flashed in his mind. His father, mother and sister claimed a large part of those memories. The young man caressed the marble cause of his quest, the pain he hated so much amplified with every touch. In the distance he could hear footsteps closing in on his location, while trying to stand he looked down the path he had just walked and many times before. Three figures appeared in the distance, the many times he had come here always ended the same way. And every time he tried to change that outcome. Today he would.

The three terrans came closer every second, the man silently waited for the events to come. Although tears were rushing down his face, he remained silent. The faces he then saw were different from the ones he remembered, different by many years of sorrow and ageing. The old man and his wife walked next to a young women, their daughter. The three reached the path in front of the stone and stopped. The old woman reached for her husbands hand for comfort, her eyes focused on the snowdrops.

They just stood there, the four of them. The younger woman kneeled down and touched the small flowers on the ground, she gently reached out for one of the snowdrops and grabbed it while her hand shook. The girl inside her remembered the many times they gathered these flowers in their youth. She looked up and stared at the young man. A faint smile appeared on her face, her bright colored eyes gave the ensign comfort in a strange way. “ I love you Karan.” She whispered. This was the first time in twenty-six years the young woman spoke near the marble stone, her words hit the ensign with force. He understood.

The three turned around and started on their way back over the gravel. The daughter turned around for one last time, the ensign had gone.

The young woman smiled a little while a bright tear traveled her cheek: “ Good bye my brother, we shall never forget.”

For the first time in many years the marble stone was left alone. Small dew drops reflected the words which were carved on the stone’s surface.

“ Here rests Karan, beloved son, brother and proud Starfleet Officer

Like snowdrops are winters light, he shall always remain ours.”


Ensign Robin Phoenix



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