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MSNPC C'Lockyo - Altered dreams

Ben Edwards

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((Underground Cave, Sotra))
:: The caves were designed to keep them hidden, sometimes it felt like it kept them hidden from themselves too. C'Lockyo had some interactions with others of her species, but they mostly seemed keen to stay to themselves. Her father was the last of her family to leave her alone, by herself in her corner of the caves when he died years earlier. ::
Echo- S'kreel: Brothers, sisters do you feel it too?
:: C'Lockyo did feel it, she last felt it as a young girl, a pull, where her dreams seemed real as she yearned for sunlight. When she woke in the night time, she'd find herself covered in burns, even though she never went out of her caves. Her father was concerned about her, never having seen it happen before. They'd put uakie balm on the burn, and it would be good by bed time for them. ::
C'Lockyo: :: Moaning :: Yes...
:: She hated that she could feel it, that when she went to sleep she would be searching for her father, calling out to him. "Papa..." She would say. When she finally found him, he was in a strange room, crying. ::
(( Flashback - Dream memory ))
:: Her mother was having another baby, and her father had been with her mother. They were set to be home any moment, when the scenery changed, and she was in what seemed to be an eating room, it was empty, except for some tables. She heard voices and hid behind one of the tables, that was where she stayed as her father conversed with someone else, who seemed like a doctor. When the man left, she saw her father collapse to the floor, a strange agony on his face. All she wanted to do was to comfort him. ::
C'Lockyo: It's ok, Papa. I'm here.
:: She moved closer to her crying father, who seemed surprised by her presence. She wasn't supposed to be there, she could tell that, but she wanted to be there for him, and she wanted to see the baby. C'Lockyo had no idea that her mother and the baby were gone, that this is what the doctor had told her father. He just looked at her in shock, like he didn't recognize her. ::
C'Lockyo: Papa, it's me. .oO It's your little C'yo. I love you papa. Oo.
:: She went to put her hands on his face, but then he shook his head and sobbed, she didn't understand why. ::
Onil (Being seen as C'Lockyo's Father): No... It's not. This isn't...real. This isn't real.
(( End flashback ))
:: C'Lockyo knew that wasn't what happened all those years ago, after the cycle last hit them when her mother went away with the baby. But it seemed so real, like she was touching her father's face, and she could feel his tears. Her hands were even wet when she woke up. It was part of the cycle, she knew it. However, she also knew that memory well, she reached forward for her father's crying face, and he wrapped his arms around her burying his face into her little chest. Later she found that he did that because she was all he had left, and she tried to imagine it from her father's point of view so many times, but she didn't know what it felt like to need to hang onto the last thing you loved so that you wouldn't lose it, not until he passed. ::

Echo- S'kreel: You feel it too?
:: She didn't answer him that time, just merely went about taking care of the things she was charged with. ::

MSNPC C'Lockyo
Young woman, Species 1337
as simmed by:

Commander Shelther Faranster
Commanding Officer
USS Constitution-B, NCC-9012B
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