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STO Delta Rising Trailer


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Anyone of you seen this?

I can't wait to get playing :D

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I been in sto since the beginning but,, after the beta tests,.. Well mostly ,. I took the break from most trek and find I still like the trek forums but can't seem to divide up time between various games and writing RPGs ... I am in beta now with a new game that is about to explode ,,. Like when I was in beta with SWTOR. -- just this beta is so high speed my system does barely manage,.. I expect to burnout in the warframe.com beta game really soon,..idk,.. I need to RPG trek but ,..idk -as well-- the video game speed is too addictive-- The game is all ninja fight,.. But the delta rising seems intense enough to do sto again,..

Anyhow ..

Time seems too unstable for me to directly commit to anything at all,..

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