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LTCDR Rahman - Parting Thoughts

Sedrin Belasi

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(( Mei’konda’s Quarters, USS Garuda ))

NAUGHTON: All right, I believe that's more than enough. ::He looked at Mei'konda.:: I look forward to a copy of that report.

:: The Caitian nodded as Roshanara remained silent, looking down now at the floor. ::

MEI'KONDA: All riight, Lieutenant. I will forwaard the report to you.

:: When she finally looked up again, she saw the man catch her eyes. They both looked rather miserable, so she attempted a reassuring smile. If it were anything like the reflection of one he offered back, she hadn't been successful. ::

RAHMAN: But thank you again, commander. I'm glad after everything I haven't lost all of your respect.

MEI'KONDA: You haaven’t, Doctorr... when it comes down to it, Ross betraayed everyone he served wiith, hurt us, nearrly killed Captaain Reynolds... for what reason, I do not know.

:: Perhaps they would never know. She frowned again. ::

MEI'KONDA: But you diid the opposite. Even faacing a court martial, you riisked your life to save your crewmaates. That means a lot. And it is why I am williing to testify on your behaalf.

:: She fought with every last bit of strength to maintain her composure. She wasn't going to falter now. Not in front of her former shipmate, and certainly not in front of Lieutenant Naughton. Still, the slight unsteadiness in her voice betrayed her. ::

RAHMAN: I appreciate that.

MEI’KONDA: Of course... If I am called to the staand, I hope it haappens soon. You may have been exploited, but you belong in this uniform.

:: The sad smile returned, and she followed him as he escorted them to the corridor. As he stood at the doorway, she turned to him and he gave a final nod. She realized then that this might be the last chance she'd get to see him on the Garuda. She glanced over at the JAG officer. ::

RAHMAN: Lieutenant, I'd appreciate a final moment with the commander. In private.

:: Naughton exchanged glances between the three of them before letting out a sigh. ::

NAUGHTON: Very well. I'll wait for you at the end of the corridor. Don't make it too long of a wait, doctor.

:: After he had passed through, the former chief engineer looked back at the Caitian. ::

RAHMAN: I remember when you first came aboard. How, when you suddenly found your new senior staff were about to embark on a bit of an "excursion" to help one of our shipmates, you felt uncomfortable and decided to stay behind. That was the right choice for you then. Don't ever think otherwise. But I think you understand now why we were willing to do what we did for one of our own.

:: Roshanara paused for a moment as she gathered her thoughts. She needed to tell him one more thing. ::

RAHMAN: One of the most rewarding aspects of this job is helping the next line of officers under your command develop from fresh-faced graduates to seasoned officers. :: She gave a final nod. :: It was a privilege and an honor, commander. Take care of the next line.


Lieutenant Commander Roshanara Rahman

Under Arrest

Awaiting Transfer to SB118 JAG

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