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Rewind/Erase Moments (12/1)

Idril Mar

Rewind and Erase Episodes  

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  1. 1. What's the best Rewind/Erase Episode in Star Trek?

    • The Visitor - DS9 (Sisko gets saved by Jake in the future)
    • Yesterday's Enterprise - TNG (The Ent-C saves the future)
    • City on the Edge of Forever - TOS (Kirk saves the world from the Nazis)
    • Endgame - VOY (Janeway goes back in time to save herself)
    • Timeless - VOY (Voyager is trapped in ice)
    • Children of Time - DS9 (The crew saves themselves... or their descendents)
    • Something else!

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There come times in each person's life where you do a facepalm and say in your best Homer Simpson voice: "Doh!" It is at these times that we wish we had a rewind/erase button. Those moments at the focus of this week's poll. With time travel an accepted part of the canon of Star Trek, we do see from time to time the opportunity for the various crews to get a do-over. They missed something, or did something wrong and events went horribly, but they get a chance to make them right. Sometimes the moment's result wasn't even all that bad, but it just wasn't right and the crew finds themselves needing to make it so (no pun intended). The movies have several of these throughout them set, so I have left them out of this poll intentionally

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I vote for DS9 Time's Orphan, when Molly O'Brien was lost in time, returned as a feral teenager, then went back again when she couldn't reacclimate to DS9. Not everyone likes it, but the moment when she goes back in time again, sees herself as a little girl, and sends herself home, hits me in the soft spot every time!

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Me, I am Old School and a Romantic! Also a fan of Emmy Award winning episodes so Here's to City on the edge of forever. :) Somewhere in Time Edith Keeler waits for James Kirk....

Snif Sniff... pulling out lace hankie now....

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Why do you have to make it so hard?! For me, The Visitor narrowly beat out Timeless, Endgame, and Yesterday's Enterprise.

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Wow great list to choose from. I agree it was a hard one, so many of those episodes are in my go to list when in the mood to watch some star trek.

I had to go with "Yesterdays Enterprise." Such a great episode and story and it later gave us Sela adding another twist to the time travel plot line.

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